Wednesday, 15 April 2015

FM40 Travel - A Child Friendly Weekend To Barcelona

Jacket, Isabel Marant / T-Shirt, American Vintage / Jeans, Zara / Shoes, LK Bennett / Bag, Chanel
You may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram that we visited one of our favourite cities, Barcelona at the weekend with our children (sorry for the overload, the free city wifi was amazing). A few followers commented on the fact that they love Barcelona, but that was pre children, Barcelona is in fact really child friendly, as are most Spanish cities and I am not alone as other readers are due to go with their families and asked for my recommendations.
We normally stay at the MurMuri Boutique Hotel on the beautiful Rambla de Catalunya, but they didn't have family rooms so we opted for their big sister Hotel Majestic this time, which I have to say was wonderful.  


Our first evening we dined at one of our favourite bars that Hubby and I found on our last trip and it is a place that gets mentioned a lot by regular visitors in the know of a must place to eat in Barcelona and totally child friendly and is located on Carrer de Mallorca.

Saturday we visited the Nou Camp and N was delighted with his new kit and getting pitch side, this tour is excellent for football lovers and I quite enjoyed it myself.

Back into the city to visit a place that I believe is relatively newish, El Nacional for a late lunch. This place was like walking into the Great Gatsby, it is a selection of tapas restaurants and in the center there are four specialist bars. El Nacional is located on the heart of Passeig de Gràcia, ideal location for stopping off after some shopping or sightseeing.

My monochrome wardrobe was working well, I find far easier to take a colour co-ordinated wardrobe on holiday, especially on weekend trips when you may only need to take carry on luggage with you.
Top, andOtherStories / Jeans, Zara / Shoes, Bloch / Bag, R&B
Each morning we had breakfast at Pastelerias Mauri on Calle Provenca, and there we enjoyed the most delicious marzipan croissants ever!

Sunday, we enjoyed a trip to the Zoo, which I have to say it is one of the best Zoos we have ever visited, all four of us were very impressed.
This was one of N's favourite sights, Gaudi's Casa Batilo, the house of bones.

Monochrome working again, with the pop of red.
Jacket, Isabel Marant / Top, LoveSam / Jeans, Zara / Shoes, Mango / Bag, R&B
Our last day spent with a walk along the beach and paella at Pez Vela admiring this view, perfect!

Tomorrow, I will fill you in on the purchase I made in Barcelona and an update on a few tops I had ordered before I went away that all arrived today.

Thank you for reading and for your comments.



  1. It sounds & looks like you had an amazing time Annmarie & you're certainly making me want to go & visit Barcelona.
    Can't wait to see what you purchased.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Love your monochrome wardrobe - it really does make it much easier doesn't it. The red looks stunning. I've never been to the zoo there - I don't think I actually knew it existed. Must walk about with my eyes closed x

    1. The Zoo is down by the Port Olymica. X

  3. I've loved seeing your pics on Instagram. You look fabulous - so stylish in your monochrome outfits. Love the pops of red too. Lynne xx

  4. It is so much easier to pack with a holiday plan and going monochrome is just perfect! Looks like you had a fab time Annmarie! xx

  5. Oh gosh you are so stylish AnnMarie! I trot round in shorts and a pair of flip flops (eek). Your wardrobe looks so well planned. I must take a leaf out of your book when I next have a holiday planned!

    1. Thanks Sue, yes I try to plan so much easier. X

  6. How warm/cool was it AM/PM please? We're off to Madrid on Saturday and I'm planning a similar wardrobe

    1. It was about 68/70 of a day, no jacket was required in the afternoon. The evenings cooled down slightly and I needed a jacket. Madrid is a funny place, very hot of a day due to its altitude, but gets nippy of a night this time of year. X

  7. Hotel Majestic was one of the options we were looking for our trip to Barcelona, but we have found it is quite expensive. Do you know any good and cheap establishment in the city? 3 stars if possible!
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Melissa, working in the travel industry to be honest I get discounts at certain hotels, but we always email the hotel and ask for their best deal (never take the price on their website) I don't know of any other hotels in Barcelona we have only stayed in the 4 star Muimuri hotel that I would recommend slightly cheaper than the Majestic. sorry that's not much help, but I wouldn't like to suggest somewhere I haven't stayed. Trip advisor is always really helpful. Xxx


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