Friday, 8 May 2015

FM40 Kids - Next? Yes ... Next.

L in Next Dress & Cardigan
I normally get a few things from Next for my two, mainly being, skinny chinos for N, navy leggings for L for nursery and socks for both of them and maybe the odd little gem. 
This season however, I have purchased loads for L, she has had that massive growth spurt that two and half year old children have and all her summer clothes from last year are tiny. What has made Next appeal more to me this season, most certainly, the more muted colours (very bonpoint).
This reminds me of something from the Stella McCartney kids range.
This cardi and dress below I spotted on Little Spree blog, it is always good to get Sarah's seal of approval.
Not a colour you would see Next normally do, maybe Bonpoint, Miller or Caramel Baby & Child. Therefore, for £13 this was ordered and goes perfect with her Joules Breton (2) and her navy sunsan sandals (6).
I just love white broderie dresses for L too, mini me.
I have also got this cute bikini, sundress for the beach on holiday, and this mini marant top, another tip from Little Spree, will I squeeze into the age 16? I was going to give it a try, like I am sure most Mama Spree readers have, as it is sold out..... Booo!


  1. Very sweet - Next have had a few nice mustardy yellow things for boys that I have for my youngest - so nice and such a change from how high street boys clothes have been in the past. (I have four boys and its been quite a job dressing them in stuff I like.) By the way, I was just looking at her little colouring book - have you tried the Kumon Lets Cut, Lets Sticker and Lets Colour. They are so cute. We've used them all.


    1. Fashionmumof4010 May 2015 at 19:47

      I haven't I will have to check them out. I love mustardy yellow things, very BONton and expensive looking. It is so good that the high street stores have caught onto these such colours instead of that sickly pink and baby blue colours. xx


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