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FM40 Beauty - My Hair

(My hair needs cutting and colouring here....)
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I get quite a few emails and questions asking, how do I do my hair? After years of straightening my hair to one inch of its life, about 7 years ago I decided to go with my natural wave and then after having my second child I decided to get my haircut into a LOB (long Bob) and it looks great styled in the phenomenon that is, the WOB (wavy bob). To achieve this style, you must for starters have a fabulous cut (I go to Andrew Collinge in Liverpool to get my haircut) my WOB is slightly graduated and my hairdresser chops into the ends creating long layers.

How do I achieve my wavy bob, 

Step 1
I wash my hair in OGX organ oil shampoo and conditioner. I love this brand for their shampoos, they don't weigh my hair down. 

Step 2
I then dry my hair with my head upside down to create some volume. My fizzy bits around the front I will blow dry with a large brush, I use this one. This brush is great for creating soft bouncy curls, by wrapping your hair around the brush, blow drying and then let the hair cool before unwrapping the barrel, for a more polished style.

Step 3
I should use a heat styling protector maybe at this stage or before I dry my hair, if you have very fine hair I would advise using one. I just go straight to the tonging and I would say to invest in some GREAT tongs, I use and love Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dial-a-Heat Tong, mine are the thickest barrel they do. Or you could splash out and get these ones from John Lewis, which the master of the WOB, George Northwood uses in his salon to create curls and waves. 

The tricks of the trade for tonging is to wrap your hair around the barrel leaving the roots and ends out, then once tonged pull the curl down. Then let your hair cool, before moving on to the next step of finishing. 

Step 4 
Post tonging, I finish off with Redken Quick Tease. If you have really thick and fizzy hair a good styling cream maybe required to separate curls and to give a more polished look, a good one is Bumble & Bumble Brillantine, a note of caution - only use a tiny amount. 

In-between washes I will use Batiste dry shampoo, I have splashed out on more posh ones, but this cheap and cheerful one is the best. I have also tried dry sea salt sprays for texture, but to be honest I don't really like them, they just make my hair feel too hard, I much prefer just to use the Redken Quick Tease which gives my hair some texture.  

`There is a great tutorial on YouTube by George Northwood that you can watch here that will give you the tips I have tried to explain above in achieving the perfect WOB (wavy bob). 

I hope you have found this post helpful?


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  1. Some fab tips Annmarie! Since getting a wavy lob I've found mine so much easier to maintain! xx


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