Tuesday, 14 July 2015

FM40 Style - Last Minute Holiday Bits For £35 Or Under

Have any of you decided to go away last minute only to find all the good summer stuff is sold out, well I have a few great pieces that will not break the bank, all for £35 or better still cheaper. 

This is an amazing little holiday dress for £12, I spotted this in store and it looks far more expensive. 

Perfect travel tote, perfect beach bag, perfect for a visit to the market ...... just a perfect holiday bag really. 

Pure 50s glamour, very chic, love it!

If you can only take one piece of makeup on holiday, then take this. 

Heard great things about this and I have my little sample out of M&S beauty box packed. 

THE DRESS OF THE SEASON in my eyes, just wish me and strapless bras got on, so I could have purchase it. 

Perfect to jazz up your outfit for the evening. 



  1. Some lovely picks Annmarie. I'm very tempted by the Mango dress but keep telling myself I don't need it!!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. don't you don't, but then again it would look fantastic on you Jane. x

  2. Great selection Annemarie! I'm counting down to my holiday too.. checked the passports on Sunday and 2 have expired aargh! Quick trip to Liverpool to sort out...have you checked yours?! Have fun xx

    1. oh dear, you had me a bit worried .... all checked and in date.

  3. The little H&M stripe dress is gorgeous...I saw it instore the other day and thought it would make a gorgeous beach cover-up! Fab holiday picks Annmarie! xx

    1. isn't it great Michelle, very classy.

  4. The stripe dress is lovely. I had a try on. I need a size 9. I tried on an 8 which was roomy enough on top but just verging on snug on the hips. There was no 10 but I think that might have been too big on the shoulders as the 8 was just right there. Guess it wasn't meant to be and besides, I'm not going anywhere :(


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