Friday, 3 July 2015

FM40 Weekly Loves - #1

When catching up on my favourite blogs and finding a few new favourites, one being Katgotthecream there are features/posts that I really enjoy reading, one being the weekly round up of family life, things that make them happy, new books they are reading, TV programmes they are watching, beauty products they are using. I think I personally enjoy these types of posts as we are all quite nosey people, us blog lovers aren't we? So, taking influence from Lifeatthelittlewood little loves and Stylonylon"s Sunday Edit and Katgotthecream happy list, I am going to try to post regularly each Friday my weekly loves and you can nose into my life a little more.

Here is #1,

This week I have been absolutely loving the sunshine, alfresco dining in our garden, admiring all the toad-flax growing out of our garden walls.  Just simple things like enjoying an ice lolly after N's swimming lesson on Monday, getting the chance to wear dresses on the school run, (yes ladies I have legs) which you can see here on yesterday's post and the children their salt water sandals.

Summer sport, with the start of Wimbledon, just the BBC theme tune alone makes me happy and also gives me the urge to eat strawberries and cream and pretend I am in SW19, watching the cricket at our local cricket and tennis club on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

T.V wise I have been enjoying catching up with watching The Affair on sky, busy writing "need to buy lists" for our holiday, don't you just love a little trip to the shops to buy the summer holiday toiletries.

Enjoying my yoga classes again sporting my new Sweaty Betty sale purchase here, drinking (well trying too, some days I fail) my 2 litres of water a day, I must say I feel better and my skin is starting to see the benefits to. Indulging in a little me time with a sample of REN's radiance renewal mask, which I must say is excellent and left my skin looking far more radiant, may have to splash out on the full-size one.

So there you go I have made it to Friday, wish me luck for this evening however, we have 3 of N's friends coming for tea after school. It's N's first time having school friends over for tea
"Mummy can my friend come to our house for tea" 
" Yes darling, that is fine" 
"OK I have told X, Y and Z they can come next Friday" 
He doesn't do things by half my little boy. I have gone for a rather unhealthy, but easy and I am sure popular tea of M&S large pizzas and mini magnums for dessert, but it is a treat to have your friends over for tea isn't it, a mini party in N's case!

What have you been personally loving this week?



  1. Fab post Annmarie & good luck this evening. What you've picked for tea sounds perfect, I have in the past spent ages cooking a healthy dinner when our son has had friends over to play only for them to announce they don't eat such & such vegetable so in the end decided pizza or fish fingers was always going to be a winner!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. Thank You Jane, last night went brilliant N was mega excited and the boys had a great time. The tea was a winner, especially the ice creams. x

  2. Lovely post AnnMarie. I've sometimes wondered about doing these kind of posts but I know I would never keep to a routine.

    And three friends for tea sounds rather civilised. I had 6 boys and a swimming pool to contend with last night. So yes, it was burgers and chips from me. I didn't hear any complaints! And it was too hot to do proper cooking!

    1. Thanks Sue, lets see if I can keep to it! 6 .... you are brave, saying that I think it is easier having a few rather than just 1 with boys. The sun shinning so they played out side in the garden, which made it a lot easier, I need to buy a paddling pool. Have a lovely weekend. x

  3. Lovely post - I also enjoy reading these kinds of posts and try to get involved with Emma's as often as possible. It's nice that you can dip in as and when you can...nobody needs pressure to write a blog post - life's too busy! x

  4. Thankyou so much for my wee mention AnnMarie. I've been such a fan of your blog for ages and am really excited to read your weekly loves too! The little Saltwaters are very sweet. They are honestly the only sandals that my kids haven't complained about hurting! :) xx

    1. We love them, they never rub and they are truly brilliant on holiday for days at the beach. X


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