Friday, 21 August 2015


Last year I remember fondly getting everything for N's first day at school, we had everything new as you do. There were a few things I overlooked (mainly because I didn't attend the new parents evening in the June, due to us being on holiday), the water bottle and snack box for afternoon snack. I was so upset that I (a self-confessed little Miss Organised) hadn't purchased these for N's first day and ran off that day in a panic to find these items for him.

Here are a few of my favourite back to school items,  including a selection of school shoes from my favourite brand Startrite, who have a great back to school offer on, free delivery and returns and 30% off plimsoles here. Also, the items I overlooked last year and a pencil case that could double up as a cute clutch bag for us.

Oh I would also recommend the sew on name tags, initially more time-consuming, but so much better in the long run. Those bloody iron-on ones I was finding everywhere except the clothes after a week or two, the washer, the drier, the washing basket and on the utility room floor. Oh and label everything including socks, in the early days we lost or N did quite a few items especially on P.E days, but with our little star name tags, his stuff always found its way back to us, these ones are the best.

Have a wonderful weekend



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