Monday, 17 August 2015


Week 4 1/2 of the school holidays I have spent trying to keep my two entertained with days out. We went to one of my favourite places Rufford Old Hall where we enjoyed a bear hunt, picnic and playing in the hall's beautiful grounds. 

We also visited Cheshire Ice Cream farm with a few friends from school, this place has just had a 4 million pound investment and the improvements are amazing, I would highly recommend visiting if you are local. The combination of school holidays and the new developments made it a touch too busy for my liking and my nervous levels were raised with moments of where has my child gone too? I do have to say, the ice cream was truly delicious, sorry I didn't take any pictures as we didn't waste any time after waiting in a very large queue for our ice creams, we all simply dived into enjoying them, I went for a very large rhubarb and custard flavoured one ..... yummy!

Trying to be this perfect school holiday mummy, I was very thankful the kids got up on Friday morning and asked for a PJ day at home, now that was bliss, they happily played and entertained themselves (with not too much arguing), while I got chance to get a bit of blogging done guilt free. I sometimes think we can be too hard on ourselves, doing too much and a chill day now and then is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Happiness on Saturday was watching our children enjoy themselves at a summer party at one of our friend's houses from N's school, we all had a wonderful day and the weather thankfully was fabulous after Fridays downpours. 

Not forgetting the biggest highlight this week, Seb our new dog who, is settling in brilliantly. 

On the fashion front I have also been enjoying doing a little research for you and me, looking at all the A/W stock new arrivals and liking Hush's new collection very much, more of that on the blog tomorrow.  

As ever thank you for reading, 



  1. I think I might introduce a PJ day for mine - that sounds fab! I'm having a little down time as my parents have kindly taken the girls out for a little bit but I am so tired the working from home part isn't going as planned. I will crack on with a Tesco order though to save dragging them around there tomorrow! x

    1. Oh I know, I often get side tracked on the internet. x


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