Monday, 14 September 2015


L, Dress, I love gorgeous, Shoes, her ballet shoes | Me, Jacket, IRO here | Top, Warehouse | Jeans, Topshop here | Boots, Isabel Marant, here | Bag, Mulberry similar here

This last week was all about the quiet before the storm.

A quiet start of the week with the return of school. N literally ran in, so excited he is in year 1 and he doesn't come up for breath when he comes home telling me all about his day, which is a nice change, last year I had to ask questions and I got a lot of "I can't remember"........ "I don't know," looking back I think he was too tired to think.

In the middle of the week a lovely regular reader commented to say my wish list item the IRO Jacket was reduced by 30% in the Very Exclusive Sale. Now, I have no willpower with tip offs like this and it went straight into my basket and I resisted until 8pm that evening and it became too much of a temptation and the BUY ME button was pressed, told hubby that it was my birthday present, so the Bella Freud jumper will have to wait for a while (until Christmas, she says). The jacket is still reduced by 30% here.

The end of the week finished off with a bang with Birthday celebrations starting off on the weekend for myself and L, yesterday she had a joint party with her best friend who has just turned 3, which went fabulously well, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff even turned up (well look-a-likes, I use the phase look-a-likes loosely) the nineteen 3 year old's didn't seem to notice there weren't the real thing!

So, this week we are officially 43 & 3, scary how the years roll on by. 

Heres to another happy week.



  1. How sweet. Scary, yes, as I will be 47 and my DD 7 by the middle of October. Argh. H x

  2. and you both look great on it! Love the Frozen "look-a-likes" !! Sue xx

  3. Oh wow she is just so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love the jacket. You look fab. As does the smaller birthday girl! And yes, scary how fast the years fly past...I think there must be some sort of as-yet-undiscovered law of time and space that makes time speed up the older you get. Hope you had a well-earned glass of wine (or 2) after wrangling the 19 x 3 yr olds! Annabelxx

  5. Fabulous jacket it! I am now lamenting the fact that our days of throwing such gorgeous little parties are over....we have moved onto the the sleepover and pizza stage and it's just not the same, they grow up way too fast!! xx


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