Monday, 21 September 2015


Not much going on last week,  it was just another week that zoomed past and we have settled back into the school routine very well, the summer holidays now feel like a very distant memory.

After L's 3 birthday lasting 3 days, her party on Sunday and her actual birthday on Tuesday, I was pretty glad to pack her of to nursery on Wednesday and enjoy the peace and quiet.  She now goes to nursery two days and this gave me time to autumn clean, rearrange furniture and bits (does anybody else do this) and work on the blog and I thought I would try to become a little more organised in my blogging space (well I don't technically have a space, it is either the kitchen table or the sofa) and I purchased myself a new blogger organiser from The Bloggers Planner. I then got all stationary crazy, not one to feel left out with the back to school rituals and now with the help of the A Girl, A Style blog,  I have a new obsession  love, Kate Spade Stationary

I have picked out a few of my favourites below, most are perfect for presents (I am not going to mention the C word, but you know what I mean.......) I wish I would have received some of these beautiful things below for my birthday.


  1. I'm a bit obsessed with stationery & I love the look of the personalised blogger planner, a definite contender for the December event!! X

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  3. Love the personalised blogger planner too - appeals very much to all us self-absorbed bloggers like me - ha! :) xx


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