Saturday, 17 October 2015


Halloween just seems to be getting bigger each year, in my day it just consisted of a little duck-apple (apple bobbing) at home, these days people decorate their home, dress up (and that's not just the kids) and have parties. 

Headband, H&M in store only | T-Shirt, H&M | Shoes, GAP | Skirt, Little White Company A|W 14, this year's version here

I didn't want to buy more nylon dressing up outfits, but I wanted to buy things that they could get wear out of (I have got N the Gap skeleton Pj's) and I picked up a few things in the H&M accessory section to Halloween-ify L's Little White Company grey tutu and her Gap grey leopard cat ballet shoes, we sadly missed out on the black ones (which are still available in the odd size here), but did you know these Charlotte Olympia dupes are available up to adult size 5, me neither until last night, black velvet here and leopard velvet here fabulous buy for £11.99!

Here are a few other Halloween dress up things I spotted yesterday, number 2 perfect for keeping any trendy girl warm while trick or treating. 

These Numero 74 superhero capes are super stylish here and also come in pink for any little Miss Superheros out there. I also really like these personalised trick or treat bags here, this Meri Meri garland here, this ghost cake topper and matching ghost tassel decoration, perfect if you are hosting a party. 

I best stop before I get carried away with all things Halloween. 


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  1. It really does seem to be getting a bigger and bigger event every year. I don't ever remember doing anything when I was little. Round my way its quite a big event and each year I find myself stocking up more and more on the treats for all the children who come calling.

    The cat ears are cute but I took quite a shine to the bunny ears which they had in the women's section in H&M. They nearly came home with me :)


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