Monday, 19 October 2015


Scarf, Next | Hydra Beauty serum, Chanel | Coaster | East of India

I cannot believe this is number 13 of my weekly loves, how quickly 3 months can past? This week a few things have brightened up my week and one thing was a little retail therapy on Friday. 

I purchased a trio of monochrome things that made me very happy, firstly the cashmere and wool scarf that Alex from The Frugality recommended, I was ready to purchase a new grey scarf because when I got my winter woolies out of their storage box there was a few moth holes in my old M&S cashmere shawl and it was a toss up between the Next one or the H&M one (here) that Marleen and Sue recommend, but the cashmere mix of the Next one won me over and I am delighted with it, for £40 I think I have a good Acne Canada scarf look a like for less than half price. 

I finally went for the Chanel hydra beauty serum, after reading many favourable reviews online I thought I pump for this serum to help my dehydrated skin this winter,  I know ........ I am such a sucker for Chanel and the little white and black bags you get with Chanel makeup and skincare that I along with the reviews maybe also influenced this purchase. 

Finally, I purchased two East of India coasters for our living room coffee table in a local interiors shop, I just love the quotes, "There is always time for one more glass of wine" and "Happiness is a glass of wine with a good friend" and I am returning to get a few more. 



  1. Those East of India coasters are lovely aren't they Annmarie! My best friend sent me one as a surprise when I was having a hard time and it lifted my spirits no end, they are a fab little gift! What girl doesn't love a little black and white bag! :0) xx

    1. How lovely to receive one of them from a dear friend, they do make a lovely gift. x

  2. I love those coasters too, not seen them in Ireland. I also got that scarf. Love it. Nice and bigger than I expected which is a bonus. I am a sucker for cashmere too as I hate itchy things and even though it's a mix I knew if Alex recommended it, it would be good! That serum sounds interesting. Tried their trio of serums for day/night and wasn't impressed. Hope this one works well.

    1. I think they must be newish, as I found it difficult to find any online for a link. Oh fingers crossed the serum is good, sorry to hear you didn't have much luck with the day & night serums .... hate wasting money on hope in jar creams that don't work. x

  3. Thank you for the shout out, Annmarie! I'm really pleased that the high st stores are churning out affordable AND good quality scarves. I nearly caved in so many times but I couldn't make myself pay £££ for a woolen Acne scarf.


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