Monday, 16 November 2015


OK, after having the mild palpitations last week about not starting my Christmas shopping I feel slightly better now as I have made a small start thanks to The White Company 20% off weekend. I purchased quite a few things including these cute beaded heart Christmas tree decorations and the candy cane wrapping paper

I certainly smelt Christmas on Saturday when I sprayed my new winter room spray for the arrival of our guests, just gorgeous.

We had quite a social weekend at our house, N had a few friends over for tea on Friday after school and we had family around Saturday evening enjoying a delicious Chinese take out from a local restaurant,  I haven't had a Chinese for ages and forgot how much I loved their food...... yum.

I wore my new Jamie washed ripped jeans that I adore, they are perfect for that evening fail safe look of jeans, nice top and killer heels.

 ....... and for the first time this X-Factor season I loved Caroline Flack's dress .... this Self-Portrait number (although I didn't like her hair).

I have a few Christmas occasion outfit ideas coming up, on the blog ..... black tie events, office parties, Christmas day at home ..... so please stay tuned this week.



  1. My hubs is the tv control controller so I haven't managed to follow the Xfactor at all. I may have to get online and catch up with what's happening out there.

    And yes, Christmas is coming - time to go shopping here too. I'm determined not to have to go to the shops on Dec 24th this year.

  2. Sounds like a heavenly weekend, Caroline did look fab on the X Factor, she has the most amazing legs! I bought a few things from White Company this weekend too, I love it! xx

  3. I bought two candles, 'Pomegranate' for me and 'Winter' for my mum (bet you anything she never gets it!). Completely off topic, I know, but I was wondering how you were doing with your two new Bretons - the Petit Bateau and the Boden - and what the verdict was after having and wearing them both for a few weeks. How do they compare to your old Johnnie B breton? Annabelxx

    1. The Petit Bateau I love, it's quite thick so it will not be worn in the summer, great quality as per normal for PB. The Boden one I wouldn't really recommend, it's quite thin and clingy, I ordered the 10 (god NO.... that went back, the 12 is passable) it is OK under a jacket, but don't think I would wear it alone until I lose a few pounds. My Breton love is my Jonnie B one, the best £11 I have spent on a Breton, love the shape, thickness of material and sleeve length. Out of the two I would say the PB one, have you seen the Saint James one on J Crew I like that one, like the drop sleeve.x


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