Friday, 15 January 2016


I think we all start the new year with great intentions of leading a more healthy lifestyle and taking more care of ourselves.

Last winter, my skin looked bloody awful, it was dull, totally dehydrated and just lack lustre. I know I wasn't drinking enough water and my job at the time didn't help, but I always had nice skin and this really got me down.

My mum is 74 and she looks amazing and often gets taken for a lady 10 years younger than her age, her secret (apart from having good genes) is Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil. My mum swears by having her daily dose of Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil, it can help to replenish your natural resources as you get older and supports your general health and well-being.

Last September, my mum purchased me a large box of Seas cod liver oil and she passed on her wisdom and I began taking my daily dose of cod liver oil (I like to take it in the capsule form) and with some skin care updates (love this, you can shop my full skincare regime below ) I have seen a huge improvement. My skin looks less lined, especially my forehead which I am thrilled about, my skin looks plump again and brighter. Another improvement I have found, which I believe is mainly down to the Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil daily dose, is my flaky scalp has disappeared, now this used to be a huge problem from me in the winter months, my dry, flaky scalp and in the past I have spent fortunes on fancy, expensive shampoos without much success.

I am now a Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil devotee and I start my day off with one of their capsules, which contains simple goodness in every drop and is one of the best starts to the day. I will also continue to drink more water, eat healthier (less sugar seems to be the new fad) and cut down on my caffeine and replace with a peppermint tea every so often. There you go, some of my new year resolutions told out loud.

This post was sponsored by Seven Seas.

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