Friday, 29 January 2016


For many years I was an Air Hostess and the footwear I had to wear daily was a sensible back leather court shoes with a maximum heel height of 21\2 inches, in recent years they were difficult to find.

Would I wear them with anything other than my uniform ....... God NO! However, the fashion world are going mad for the Celine craze they are calling 'granny shoe chic' for me and every other hostess past and present they are what we call a 'cabin shoe'.

For those of you that want to try this trend (forgive me, but I am passing on this trend, too many memories of "Ice Sir?") Topshop have them in a range of colours.  


Anyone tempted to try them? I believe they are very comfy. 



  1. Ha ha ha, exactly my thoughts when I saw these. Only good thing about these being 'in' is that for one season I'll have a choice of ugly cabin shoe! xx

  2. Maybe if they had straps across the front or around the ankle? Annmarie am awaiting my red Into This Bella Freud jumper bought at a huge reduction from the BF website - am hoping it fits well!!! How do they wash btw?

    1. Oh , I bagged that jumper too , such a good reduction . I am hoping it fits as I know they are very much in the small side with sizing . Annette .

    2. Mine arrived today. Love it! A medium - fitted but not tight which is what I wanted.

  3. You know what I LOVE THEM! To be they are just ballet flats with a heel! I have the Mango suede pair and just ordered the TopSHop red pair - FAB with my grey selena jeans! xx

  4. Lol....I love your cabin shoe analogy Annmarie. I love them but I shall also be giving this trend a miss. With my lifestyle I'm just not sure when I'd wear them as they are not the most practical shoe for the school run or any of my other day-to-day activities....who knows though, I could end up eating my words! xx

  5. They are v comfy and thanks for the shout-out :)))

    PS Can't believe they are so Marmite though!!!

  6. Your 'ice, sir?' comment made me laugh! I'm passing on this fashion too - at 48 I think I might look as if I've just opted for 'comfort wear' rather than being on trend! Have a nice weekend, Annabelxxx

  7. New year calls for new variations! But I think designers are pretty much conscious of women's than of best crossfit shoes for men .But I must admit,its expressing its overwhelming beauty.


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