Friday, 22 January 2016


I was recently asked 'Do I believe in dressing age appropriately?" my answer, Yes!

However, it doesn't stop me from looking in Topshop or River Island and wearing ripped jeans. I will just wear my ripped jeans with a nice cashmere jumper or a blazer. Dressing age appropriately to me means wearing things that flatter my body shape that are suitable for my lifestyle and I feel comfortable in. I try to keep the structure and the silhouette of the outfit quite simple and classic and then have fun with on-trend pieces and accessories, as that stops you from falling in a rut.

My simple 5 rules are;
  1. Invest in quality wardrobe essential/basics
  2. Make sure they fit you properly
  3. Try to create a 'uniform' that you can rely on. 
  4. Don't fall victim to every trend (it can become a waste of money and that money can be invested in classics). On the other hand, take a fashion risks with accessories (shoes and bags) to keep you looking on trend, 
My style icon of a lady in her 40's who keeps things simple, has a 'uniform' of types and looks young, cool and age appropriate is French Vogue's Emmanuelle Alt. 

The other main thing also is looking and feeling good for your age. Seven Seas has a new campaign called Simple Things about being Simply Youthful and they believe the simple things in life can help you feel youthful. A daily dose of cod liver oil can help to replenish you natural resources as you get older and support your general health and well-being, plus a rich source of essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that contribute to normal heart, vision and brain function. 

I am 44 this year, so I intend to carry on looking after myself with simple things such as exercise, healthy eating and taking my daily dose of seven seas cod liver oil and hopefully I will look as good as the other style crushes of mine who are now in their 50s, Natalie Massenet and Ines De la Fressange, who also adopt the simple classic style I love.

All Images from Pinterest


This post was sponsored by Seven Seas for their Simple Things Campaign 


  1. Love this post. I was 45 in December and can honestly say I've never looked after myself better. I try ( and fail alot) to eat healthy, take Collagen Shots, vitamins etc and look after my skin. I love your idols style (and yours), their dress sense is fabulous.Tracey xx

    1. You look amazing for 45 Tracey, cheekbones to die for!! I think you stop taking things for granted, especially when I look in the magnify mirror!!! xx


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