Monday, 29 February 2016


My favoured collection of Hush is always their spring/summer one, I just love their dresses, denim pieces and t-shirts. I have picked my top 10 pieces for you that I believe will complement any spring/summer wardrobe. 

I absolutely love little jackets little this, a little tailored jacket with a Chanel feel about it is always a winner with me. Jackets like this are perfect styled with a t-shirt and jeans or worn with black tailored pants and heels for an evening look. 

A nice leather jacket is such a useful item to have in your wardrobe and I have seen this particular leather jacket from Hush on one or two bloggers and the leather and cut look rather special!

I am not a huge dress wearer, but once the sun is out and the temperature rise, dresses are my 'go to' item of clothing. This dress looks so versatile, worn with little ankle boots for now and then white converse and a denim jacket for a cool summer day look. 

Pretty and cute, what more can I say. 

My denim shift dress is one of my most worn items I own, wear with ankle boots or ballet pumps and tights for now and then come summer bare legs and tan flat sandals. A work horse of a dress. 

Perfect holiday dress ....... channeling the Cote d'Azur look. 

How cool is this, perfect styling above from Hush, I need not to explain why I like this shirt. 

I got last year's version of this jacket and I wore it endlessly. Perfect for School run with jeans and a t-shirt and it also looks amazing over a very pretty white top. 

Hush's PJ's are my favourites, I have this design in the winter brushed cotton, but I would love them in their summer cotton fabric. 

 I also like these silk tees and this Chambray shirt ..... Oh and I nearly forgot these fab Marant dupe sandals. Have I tempted you? If I have their new collection in full can be seen here



  1. Hi Annmarie, am debating the military jacket having seen you style yours! How does this year's compare to your one, worried that this year's looks shorter.

    1. I could attend the press day, so I haven't seen it up close. However, comparing pictures to mine of last year it looks pretty similar and the length is about the same I would say. It is such a handy jacket and looks great over very pretty things xx

    2. That should say I couldn't attend ....

  2. Thanks, I think I will give it a go! As for the press day, it would be for the sake of research. Work and all that 😊

    1. I would like to attend the press days and I do get invited to a few, Hush being one. however, it is not that easy for bloggers not based in or near London to attend such events. Invitations are normally short notice with travel at your own expense, plus I have a 3 year old who I only have child care for 2 days ....

  3. I forget the distances you deal with in the UK! I always enjoy your picks so thanks for the advice.

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