Sunday, 10 April 2016


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This outfit I imagine Emma Thatcher wearing this summer, a Cecilie Copenhagen two piece, the Rae Feather monogrammed basket I personally purchased last summer and the bloggers favourite summer footwear of choice the Chanel Espadrille. Gorgeous outfit, but quite pricey for the walk down to the beach. Can we do this look on a budget, well we sure can!

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The Edit58 basket is a great alternative to the more expensive Rae Feather monogrammed basket, I sometimes gulp when I see mine in the wardrobe, did I actually pay that for a straw basket with a bit of painted stencilling on??? Well I did and although I love it, I think I would have preferred the Edit58 one, cheaper, still as chic and not likely to chip as the monogramming is embroidered rather than painted. And what can I say about this playsuit, if Cecilie Copenhagen is not in your price range, then ladies get yourself to Topshop ASAP or get this playsuit ordered quickly before it sells out! 

Holiday chic on a budget. 


P.S I have also found a great basket producer on Instagram that does bespoke boho-luxe painted monogrammed baskets at very good prices, here is the web site you must check it out!!


  1. Very chic. Love the baskets.

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