Thursday, 21 April 2016


Last week I went shopping, I came home empty-handed ........ nothing in Zara that I wanted (just the Chanel dupe jacket) but I have far too many jackets (but oh I am still thinking about it ... yes) nothing anywhere else .... other than Monsoon that had more than a few things I liked, even tried on and seriously considered.

Anyway, I tried this dress on and I very nearly purchased it for my summer holidays ..... but I never did, doubts over whether it made my boobs look bigger and I don't need that! To be honest I am carrying a few extra pounds at the moment and nothing feels good when that happens does it? So, it stayed on the hanger. The next day, lo and behold who Instagramed it ..... Laura Fantacci and then looked amazing in it with her 8 month bump!! Regrets? Maybe just one or two .......

It is such a great Dolce inspired dress .......

I also tried this gorgeous top on, the sales assistant looked fab in this, she wore it with black skinny jeans and tan strappy sandals.  The detail and finish on this top amazing!!

Anyway, I spotted quite a few other gems and here is my top 10 for you.



  1. Some lovely picks there. I'm going to try with the off the shoulder this year. Yes I am.

    1. Thanks Sue, they really had some nice things. I was playing with this dress too much, off the shoulder back up ...... I just wish strapless bras and I got on so I could wear this style, as the little white lace top version of the dress is so pretty. x

    2. Hi AnnMarie,

      I think you should definitely go back and get the off the shoulder dress! I bagged it in store this morning (it seems to be going in and out of stock online) - I actually thought it was quite flattering on the chest (I am a similar size and shape to you I think) - and from the photo above I really think it looks good on you! I'm planning on wearing mine a bit more 'on the shoulder' (I'm with you on the strapless bra problem - though have found that the Wonderbra Ultimate strapless one is really good). Just wishing the weather would warm up a bit so I can get on with wearing all my lovely floaty summer clothes!

      Thanks for your great blog by the way - I always enjoy reading your posts :-)

      Kerry x

    3. Hi Kerry, thank you so much for your kind words. I liked the dress with the shoulders up better when I tried it on too...... another reader said it would look lovely with a tan braided belt and i totally agree. I cant wait to wear my summer clothes .... I have two black summer dresses .... the question is do I need a third? xx

  2. Hi Anne Marie, How do you feel about the fact that so many bloggers are obviously not only getting free clothes to instagram , but sponsored content for their blog and magazines, which they are not declaring? I'm not referring to you, as I know you are always very honest about your collaborations.

    1. Hi, this is always a tricky subject, as now blogging has become quite a source of advertising for fashion brands. I don't mind bloggers accepting free gifts ..... if the item fits their normal style and shopping habits (which I have done myself), what I not so keen on, is when it is not declared as a gift. Also, you have to be careful that not every post is a freebie, I think that also puts readers off, if you are going to accept free items to review, be selective. I was recently contacted by a online fashion seller of designer and premium high street to see if I would like to "lend" clothes & accessories to photograph to post on Instagram and my blog, I declined as I feel that is cheating my readers. I started my blog as a online dairy of my fashion likes and purchases and I would like to keep FM40 that way ..... and on the other hand if a got to wear a pair of gorgeous shoes or bag, I may not want to give them back! xx

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