Sunday, 29 May 2016


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Next in my holiday series is outfits for the pool or beach. 

I do favour a swimsuit since having the children,  I feel much more confident in a one piece as my tummy is now not my best asset!  Finding ones that are not too mummsy or resemble an Olympic swimmer is a small challenge, but once you avoid those there are some great one pieces about. 

Just look how fabulous Laura Fantacci looks on holiday in Italy in her black and white polka dot swimsuit above. Black and white polka dot swimwear is normally an annual favourite of the Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana and I just love this classic combination. I have been looking for an affordable one on the high street for a while with good hold for my boobs and some secret slimming effect (I need all the help I can these days) and I have found a fab one in M&S no less, here. I quickly tried it on Thursday and then quickly purchased it, I was totally happy with it even with my lily white body at the moment. So, ladies I totally recommend it, it made me look half decent! 

Styling black and white on holiday is easy and that's why I favour it, remember my moto #keepitsimple. We have all gone mad for Cecilie Copenhagen and Dodo Bar Or, whilst looking on Matches the other evening I found another really nice holiday brand Daft, that is well worth looking at and the dress below is just gorgeous!

You can't beat a classic Panama hat on holiday to protect your hair colour and face from the sun and I am never without my havanaias at the beach or around the pool. Style the above dress (or this cheaper alternative) and a swimsuit, a simple basket and sunnies you will look bellissimo!

Please take a look at the shop the post below for more beach/poolside options or look at my poolside holiday shop here.



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