Friday, 27 May 2016


During my years as working as a Flight Attendant I was amazed how people dressed when travelling, some times very inappropriately .... 7 inch wedge heel shoes, very tight jeans and just very restrictive clothes. Your body swells with altitude, so you should wear things that are comfy and most definitely layer up ..... it can get cold on flights especially if your Cabin Manager is hormonal (your cabin crew control the heating settings and they are often hot running up and down the cabin working).  

What do I wear? 

My comfiest jeans or chino trousers, (love these) with a light weight t-shirt, I always take a breton t-shirt on holiday which I normally travel in. I would then always layer with a little jacket, a denim jacket  is very handy to take on holiday (this collarless one is rather nice) as they go with basically everything. I also take a scarf, perfect for protecting you from the chill you will feel in the airport carpark before you jet off to warmer climates, plus a scarf can come in handy for the flight when it gets chilly and not to mention on holiday for the odd cool evening. I have also used my scarf/shawl as an emergency baby blanket and sarong. 

It is always advisable to take a closed toe shoe on holiday (even in the summer) and I will always travel in them, something like a pair of light weight trainers such as Converse or these are rather nice. 

*** If I was hoping for a upgrade if I was flying long haul, I would trade the denim jacket and trainers for a navy blazer and ballet pumps. ***

My travel handbag of choice is normally my Louis Vuitton neverfull that is roomy enough to fit snacks, sunglasses, my sun hat, make up bag, camera, I-pads, overspill from the suitcases and my Rae Feather monogrammed basket (bag within a bag .... ). Have you seen  Rae Feather's canvas monogrammed shopper? LOVE it .... this would be perfect for your holidays and much more robust than the basket, plus it would lay flat in your case, if you wanted to use another bag for travelling.  




  1. Perfect outfit for travelling, I would love a pair of the Gap boyfriend chinos. Wondering if they do them in other colours as well....Jane X

    1. They do Jane ....quite a few great colours xx


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