Sunday, 19 June 2016


Dress - Orla Liberty Print Dress Oliver Baby | Bag - Gap (sold out) | Sandals - Salt Water Sandals

L just seems to have shot up and she had a huge growth spurt just before the winter finished and needed a few new additions to her wardrobe. I saw this dress on Laura Fantacci's little girl on Instagram and loved it. I have purchased from Oliver Baby before, last year I got one of their gorgeous floppy sun hats which are reversible, so can be changed to compliment different outfits and also have a handy chin tie that many sun hats in the shops are sadly missing. The dress is just simply divine and we both love it! There are a few other gorgeous things on Oliver Baby that are in my basket for L ...... little girls clothes are hard to resist, especially when Liberty print is involved!

For the last few years I have purchased both my two children  Salt Water Sandals for summer and I just can't recommend them enough, the tan ones L is wearing in the above picture are N's from last year, testament that they wear so well. Even though they go with everything, I thought L needed a sparkly pair of sandals to go with things when she wants to be "more dressed up" and I finally opted for a pair traditional Spanish sandals from La Coqueta

Now, La Coqueta is a site that I could buy basically everything if I had the money, their clothes are just exquisite, traditional, timeless fashion I love little children wearing. A few weeks back I made L have a little try on session of her clothes from last summer to see what could be recycled. A few dresses thankfully made it to being tops, but most were too small including her adorable bikini from I Love Gorgeous. So, Mama was ordering again from La Coqueta and the Cassandra bikini was on its way to us. 

Also, we got her the M&S Sailor Dress, my mum couldn't resist this one, she said it reminded her of dresses I use to wear. 

It is a whole different game with my little boy these days, he has found the love for the horrendous colourful nylon things that are called football kits!!! I hate them on him ...... so we have a compromise, Friday and Saturday nights are 'Kit Nights' he comes home from School on a Friday and puts one on and he is allowed to sleep in it. Then, Saturday and Sundays you will find me coercing him into normal, nice clothes like the lovely blue and white ticking shorts I got him from Zara (which again I can't find online, but the plain colour ways can be found here) and I also got him Zara's plain polo tops which come in a range of colours and now only £3.99 in the sale (here)

I asked N what colour he wanted in the salt water sandals this year for this holidays ...... to which he turned his nose up at, I am too old for sandals mummy, I am nearly 7 (61/2 actually, but go on) and 7 year olds don't wear sandals. Heartbroken ....... we settled for a pair of Havaianas , he just needs to learn how to walk in them now!



  1. I am with you on the football kits! I have taken to hiding my 8 year olds on Saturday night so he has to wear "normal" clothes on a Sunday.

  2. I am with you on the football kits! I have taken to hiding my 8 year olds on Saturday night so he has to wear "normal" clothes on a Sunday.

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