Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Jacket, Isabel Marant Etoile | Top, andOtherStories | Jeans, Zara | Shoes, Bloch | Bag, Russell & Bromley 
(all past season)

I can sometimes feel not quite right ...... then I pop on the above jacket and I seem to look slimmer on my top half and that for me is a winner with any piece of clothing. You see Isabel Marant has mastered the art of the slimming sleeves, they are cut to perfection and are always the perfect length for me (which is a bonus no re-altering fees). 

I have had this jacket for 18 months, it is still one of favourite items in my wardrobe and I wear all year around, giving great cost per wear. 

I know the sales can be a minefield ..... what do you buy? I would definitely say invest in something that maybe was out of your league beforehand and I would recommend an Isabel Marant Etoile jacket.  The Flenn jacket has been reduced by both Matches and My Theresa.  They are classic, timeless, but with all Izzy things they have a slight edge to them. They will definitely not go out of fashion within a year or two, as the influence is taken from the classic Chanel jackets and when have they ever gone out of fashion. 

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