Wednesday, 24 August 2016


September the 5th is nearly upon us .... have you done the dreaded uniform shop yet? Here, are a few tips and recommendations from me. 

My little boys uniform has to be purchased from the school shop, items that don't have the school crest on I try to find cheaper elsewhere. The first item being the plain white shirt, Marks and Spencer's non iron shirts the main selling point for me was not really the non-iron bit (however, if that works ...bonus), but the velcro top button. Undoing the top button is something my little boy still hasn't mastered and I think he is always one of the last to get undressed for P.E, so this should be a huge help for him. 

Shoes, the last two years we have purchased Geox's Elvis leather shoes, they are the type of shoes that are a trainer morphed into a shoe, which if your school allows I totally recommend for boys, very hard wearing..... they basically lasted the whole school year with careful polishing from his daddy most nights. This year we popped into a local store that has started to sell Startrite Shoes to have a look and Luke shoes caught his eye, well it was the football logo inside really and it was certain they were the shoes for year 2. 

Stationary, we have gone for the Cath Kidston Dino range, this made me happy I personally love a little bit of Cath Kidston. Their new water bottles are pretty cute too, girls version here and boys in a larger size here.

L, is a September baby so misses out on reception this year (delighted to have my little munchkin for another year) but I already know what shoes I would like next September .... have a look here, patent and velcro the two necessities for reception girls I think. 

My two have school coats, but if you are looking to purchase some for your children Monsoon have £5 off children coats here and we may have just got this one for L ...... love a traditional winter coat for little girls. 


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