Monday, 5 September 2016


New school year starts today and that means the autumn/winter wish list.......

For inspiration I firstly had a good look in my wardrobe for things I require or need to replace and I thought about the things I admired on other people last winter and then looked at the trends for this coming A/W.

I would still love to try the Acne Raya short cardigan, do I want to spend £280 on a cardigan??? No not really with my history of cardigans, I have a love hate relationship with cardigans I feel they can sometimes make me look matronly with my big bust. So, with that thought I was perusing H&M's new arrivals and found this Acne look-a-like. Now, it is £49.99 a much better price than £280 and the composition is more or less exactly the same,  32% mohair 32% wool and polyamide instead of nylon (checking on google polyamide seems to be another word/version for nylon) worth a try I thought. So, it was ordered. Is it a keeper? Yes, I am rather happy with it and it's proudly hanging up in my wardrobe as my first autumn/winter purchase.

This is a lust item really, I just love them. They perfectly fit into the feline trend for A/W and velvet is apparently going to be a huge trend this season as well.

One of my favourite going out tops is a black Ba&sh top from 2 years ago, simple and flattering. Something similar in a winter white colour would be a nice addition to my wardrobe, worn with black jeans or pants and my leopard Marant heels for a night out.

I have my hubby's annual golf club dinner dance to attend at the end of November and I would love a new evening dress for the occasion. The last 3 years I have alternated two old dresses and I think it's time for a new one. The event is black tie and most ladies wear long dresses, I have always broken the dress code and worn a cocktail knee length dress, this year I think I will play by the rules and wear a longish dress .... OK I may go for a midi length, which may be more wearable in the long run. I am going to look at Self-Portrait first and then take it from there, this one is my favourite at the moment.

Call me boring, but I am quite partial to grey knitwear and The White Company have some gorgeous grey knitwear, including the grey exposed seam jumper and circle poncho they sent me for my recent The White Company Instagram take over.

This is an item I often admired on my Instagram favourites last A/W. I nearly purchased a pair of Isabel Marant ones in the sale last year, sadly she hasn't included any flat leopard boots in her collection his year, but while flicking through my Next Directory I spotted these. I am truly delighted with them and they look far more expensive than their £60.00 price tag, the description says suede, but they are like pony hair, they are just fabulous really. These are a good option also and these too.

This is to under number 1 for that Clara Working Girl classic autumn/winter look. Where do you look for such, well you could try Clara's favourites, Vanessa Bruno, Masscob or Roseanna, but they would be pricey. I want to wear this type of blouse daily and not save it for best, so a more affordable option would be a better, La Redoute could be my answer, self-described as affordable French fashion. I wasn't looking for long and I found a blouse with huge potential here, I took advantage of their 30% off bank holiday weekend special (which has sadly finished) don't worry you can get 25% off here across the whole new A/W range.

My favourite jeans of all time in my favourite A/W colourway ..... grey.

So, that is my autumn/winter wish list for 2016/17 ...... a few things already in the bag. I just have to save for the dress and shoes now. On a practical note, I could do with a waterproof coat with a large hood for dog walking and just general weekend mucking around with the children ..... lots of online research is taking place  ..... I would much rather put the money towards the shoes, but needs must! 




  1. I always enjoy these posts Annmarie. Such a focused and well-edited wishlist where everything goes with everything else. I feel the same way as you re. the cardigan...have had a Raya on my AW shopping list for the past couple of yrs but the price point is just too steep - I would rather save big bucks for shoes/coats/bags. Last year I bought an oversized grey American Vintage cardigan instead but I just didn't love it as it was a little too chunky/fluffy and I feel a bit short and shaggy in it. The H&M cardi is just a trifle sleeker so I might have to order it for a closer look. And I'm with you on the Charlotte Olympia flats - just a pure lust item! I also like the look of the Sophia Webster Bibi flats but haven't seen them in real life. I had a little look in Ba&sh in Westbourne Grove yesterday. The Daring top is great (very like the Naomie) and is a very slightly pinky cream shade (although that might have been the lighting in the shop). I also liked the Maya top – pretty cuffed sleeves and with a lovely flowy shape – but I didn't try it on and it might be a bit 'tenty' with a bust. I ticked the first item off my list with their Bridget shirt in creamy white - I love shirts and this is practical weekend wear for the autumn. Could happily have spent longer browsing in there but had left the 13-yr-old in the car parked outside the shop and I could hear the alarm repeatedly going off so that rather cramped my style! Anyway, could chat on about clothes/shopping for hours but better do some work... Annabelxx

    1. Hi Annabel, I sized own in the H&M cardi and went for the small .... it is a lot shorter than the Hush mistake cardi for last year, so I feel more in proportion. I need to look closely at Ba&sh new things seem to be arriving on the website daily (thank you for the little tip on the colour way) I love the Naomie top we have something similar but difference would be nice. The kitty flats I would love!!!! I am partial to shirts also .... right off to check out your little recommendations. xx

  2. Love your blog and I'm always curious to see your wish lists for the season. The Raya cardigan and its H&M counterpart look nice but I always steer clear of Mohair due to the fluff it leaves on my black jeans :(
    I beg to disagree about the Kitty flats though. I've found them to be one of the best investments I've ever made. They're incredibly stylish and super comfortable. I'm wearing them all the time and have gotten more compliments for them than most pieces I've ever had. If they fall apart at some point in time I'll definitely treat myself to a new pair...can't say the same about my Valentino rockstuds, they're an instrument of torture!

    1. Oh I think you have miss read my blog or miss understood me - I would absolutely LOVE to buy the kitty flats in my and don't care how much they cost, I just have to save for them so at the moment I am just lusting after them (saving is something I am not good at!!) but I need a practical dog walking coat urgently that sadly is going to take some of my Kitty shoe budget. Nice to hear you love them and they are comfortable and good news that the rock studs are uncomfortable they are another shoe I would love, but I think will always be slightly out of my price range. Thank you for your lovely comment about my blog .... glad you enjoy it. :)

  3. I don't usually comment on these things but I too love your blog and your style and look forward to these wish list posts for a bit of inspiration. You have inspired me to make a little wish list of my own and try and stick to it! I am also in need of a sensible dog walking waterproof jacket but to be honest every time I consider buying one I find something a little less practical to buy instead so I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Keep up the good work.. it provides me from a very welcome distraction from mine! Anita xx

    1. Hi Anita, thank you for your lovely comments and taking the time to comment :) Oh yes I am with you on finding something else to spend the money on instead of practical things like walking coats. I have two really nice coats (my moncler & woolrich artic parka) that are too nice really for dog walking and the later being too warm ....... but I though the other night oh I will make do with my Mango cotton parka which is fine until it rains and I am wet through. We are hopefully going to the lakes in October with the dog and I need to get something definitely for that ...... I am looking at the Ilse Jacobsen ones at the moment. Good luck with you wish list, I find making a list keeps me focused and stops me from straying ... :(


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