Friday, 28 October 2016


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I have a bit of a do to attend next Friday night, my husbands golf club annual dinner dance and the dress code is black tie ..... the correct dress etiquette for black tie is a long dress and this year I was going to play by the rules as I normally don't.

My favourite long dress was this one by Self Portrait and Matchesfashion recently sent me £100 voucher off a £300 plus purchase so I thought I would take advantage and order it (as ideally the £250 mark was my upper budget) and my expectations where high..... super high.

It was beautiful and I was so excited to try in on, but oh dear, me and Self Portrait dresses don't seem to get on. I just didn't suit it, I can't fully explain why (maybe too much going on for a small person with big boobs) and it was too long even with killer heels. Second choice was this luxurious velvet wrap dress by Isabel Marant Etoile, although not long I thought it would be far more wearable than the Self Portrait number .... I normally suit wrap dresses .... I was a huge fan on DVF wrap dresses a few years back when they were all the rage. However, the velvet added the pounds and that was also sent back.

Back to the drawing board ..... A midi dress I thought and I ordered this dress from Asos. This dress is stunning for £90 and as an air of Self Portrait about it. The verdict on this one ..... NO .... the reason the lack of sleeves, I hate showing my arms and my little boy said it made me look BIG .... tears.

After hours of looking online and even considering hiring one for the occasion, my final choice was this dress. Yes, I know it is knee length, but it is chic, pretty and flattering, and completely more wearable than the Self Portrait maxi dress. I am possibly thinking of wearing it over Christmas with opaque tights, ankle boots and my grey Acne like H&M cardi.

For next Friday evening I will be wearing the dress with my Office Alana heels and a coat of my favourite winter nail polish colour Essie in wicked. I would also love a spray of the new Chanel No 5 fragrance, have you smelt it? Very classy and beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend everybody. 



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