Monday, 24 October 2016


For many years I have struggled to find a black bag that I can use daily that I truly love. I have my treasured Chanel bag and my Dior clutch bag that are both sort of saved for special .... but a perfect black bag that I can used daily seems elusive.

Over the years I have purchased a Chloe paddington bag in the Selfridges sale .... my right shoulder is still feeling the effects of that mistake .... it was far too heavy. A Mulberry tote that was a compromise and that I never truly loved .... sold on eBay to fund a pair of Isabel Marant leopard shoes.

How hard can be to find the perfect black bag? Presently, I have my eye on a few designer bags ...... I know...... I am a self confessed bag snob.

Let me explain my selection

I absolutely love this, the simplicity of it, the size (very handy for carrying extra bits, but then again not too large) and it's lightweight and not extravagantly price like some designer bags.  

Do I need a large bag? I only need my i-phone, car keys, sunnies and lipstick most days and this bag is perfect size to carry those essential items. You may have spotted me trying this Coach cross body bag on Instagram stories the other week in my local John Lewis and I was quite taken with it and the bonus is that it is a designer bag for a reasonable price of  £155. 

Mansur Gavriel ....... understated, chic and classy. 

I fell into the trap a few years ago of buying "it" bags ..... The mistake that was the Chloe Paddington, but I have to say the one "it" bag that has stood the test of time for me is the Balenciaga motorcycle bag. These days I particularly like the crossbody version .

Adore this ... I blame my obsession with those gorgeous French Instagram girls. 

and then there is the Celine Trio  . 



  1. If I could choose only one- it would be the Monsieur Gavriel bucket bag.I have a camel coloured Russell and Bromley bucket bag which I thought would annoy me a little to carry around - the strap and shape of the bag which does not sit flat against the body - but I absolutely love it and it is perfectly comfy to carry. There was a burgundy version too and I wish now I had bought that as well as I am hankering after a burgundy bag. My second choice is the Coach cross body, I am now going to check it out whether they do it in red - I would love a red bag but cannot afford the Gucci Soho bag that lots of Instagrammers have.

    1. I agree the Mansur Gavriel is gorgeous ...... I am favouring the YSL tote bag at the moment. I am trying to think did the coach come in Red ..... I do remember seeing a Red cross body bag by them, but I think it was a sightly different style???? Do you know what Carol, I am slightly off the Gucci soho bags now .... I think I had seen them too much and much prefer the understated Coach one.

    2. Oh that makes me feel much better about not being able to afford the Gucci bag! They are all over Instagram - you are right - too overplayed! The YSL tote - you cannot go wrong - a classic. I have the LV Neverfull tote & it's probably my most used bag. Although not black!!!

  2. Hi Annmarie. My friend has the YSL Shopping tote and it is really lovely. Very luxurious and understated and beautiful soft leather. And you know that bag shape suits you and your lifestyle too, because of your LV neverful. I thought that the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag was surprisingly big in real life and looked daft on me as I am only 5ft3. I love the crossbody style but wondered if the veg-tanned leather would mark quite a lot. And the cute, but I wonder if the chain would be annoying? I ordered the Sezane Belli and returned it because the chain was quite slippery on the shoulder and I thought it might get on my nerves while I was rushing around doing all my day-to-day stuff (I also thought the quality was a bit disappointing). I completely agree about the Gucci Disco by the way, it has become so ubiquitous. Will look forward to seeing what you end up with! Axx

    1. Hi!! Yes, another mum at Lottie's ballet class has the YSL tote and I have totally eyed it up .... very nice. That is the thing putting me off the Mansur Gavriel the veg-tanned leather .... I think they would mark badly and I am very clumsy I would scratch it. I think there are two sizes in the bucket bag on their own web site and a smaller size is available. The Bobi I adore, but similar to my Chanel with the chain strap .... an if I am honest I think I would like the bobi in leopard over the black. The Sezane Belli bag (Miss_Servane has that one doesn't she ....) My purchase I don't think will be this side of Christmas, but the research is making me excited. x P.S I did just enter a competition to win the Gucci disco on Sheerluxe (plus a shopping spree voucher) I would take one if its free, but I wouldn't part with my money for one .... so ubiquitous I you rightly say. :) xx

  3. Hi Annmarie, my day to day bag is the 2in1 Marcs bag, bag and wallet in one,it's small and handy. Without the strap it fits in my bigger bags and I can separate the wallet from bag. My real addiction is to the Smaak Amsterdam bags, I have 6 and another one on it's way from The Netherlands to Australia. Looking forward to see what you end up with..

    1. Oh off to check out your choices and your addiction! xx


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