Wednesday, 1 February 2017


B U I L D I N G  A  C A P S U L E  W A D R O B E 

I have had quite a fashion journey, with my passion for fashion I made many fashion mistakes, mainly falling into trends that didn't personally suit my body shape or lifestyle. Impulse buys, being influenced by other bloggers "Ooh I need that top" and then I found all these individual purchases that were purchased without much thought, didn't go with must things I owned and I was often left without anything to wear on a daily basis. 

With my love of the French bloggers and Instagramers I came to the realisation that they buy very simple things, indulge in the odd investment piece, all normally in a neutral/monochrome palette that can be mixed and matched so effortlessly. 

I started to read about building a capsule wardrobe, buying things that NEVER go out of fashion and like a lightbulb moment I started using this mantra ..... OK I admit I have fallen off the capsule wardrobe wagon a few times and the off-piste purchases often lie in my wardrobe unloved or hit the charity pile in frustration. 

So, come on let's take on this fabulous wardrobe capsule advice!

If you were to start your wardrobe from scratch here are the things you require that will mean you will always have the right things in your wardrobe and never have nothing to wear.

In part one we will look at tops and the importance of having the basics. I would always suggest that you buy the best quality your personal budget will allow. 

T H E  T O P S

Let's start with t-shirts, start with white then add grey and black to your collection. I am personally a fan of the soft cotton ones, a V-neck (flattering to the busty girls) and ones that skim the waistline and that are not clingy. 


Next, you will need a breton top, believe me this will be such a hard working classic in your wardrobe.


A classic in any wardrobe is the white shirt ...... I am still trying to find my perfect one! It is quite smart, but one that I can wear with jeans.  Here are a few I will be trying this spring/summer.


A find shirts very useful, a denim shirt is essential, as is a chambray blue shirt and then especially if you are a working mama a black silk one (or similar material).


Finally, you will need a show stopper of a top commonly known as "the going out top" that will transform a pair of jeans one evening. I would look at brand like Self-Portrait and would keep to either whites, black or go with the accent colour you wish to add to your wardrobe such as red or pink.


Please join me on Friday for Part 2 of the Capsule Wardrobe series. 

 Annmarie xx


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You are welcome, when I started to shop with this in mind I now have a lot more things to wear, but less in my wardrobe if that makes sense. x

    2. I I seem to have deleted my comment somehow. Annmarie - thank you for the informative post. It's just what I needed at this time. Will put it to good use when I go shopping. Tired of going to my packed wardrobe and feeling I have nothing to wear. This will help enormously!

  2. Oh I love a capsule wardrobe post and love doing them too! Like you I am still searching for the perfect white shirt, I've got a few that aren't right and now have about 10 Breton tops lol x

    1. Oh you beat me on the bretons by 1 ..... just counted I have 9! Ha .. ha

  3. Great capsule wardrobe post! I'm pleased to say that over the past couple of years I've become very much more thoughtful about what I buy and have been making much better choices. I'm also very okease to say that I have everything you mention above already, aside from the white shirt which I don't find comfortable to wear as they are a bit stiff for my liking. Looking forward to part deux xx

    1. thank you honey ..... I believe finding the perfect white shirt difficult ... but I am still trying as a love that look. x

  4. Thanks for this. I buy clothes all the time, have loads, but nothing to wear or wear the same things.

  5. Love this post and can't wait for Part 2. Thanks Annmarie xx


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