Friday, 3 February 2017


K N I T W E A R 

Last time we talked about the basic tops and shirts, now you will need to add knitwear. 

With knitwear invest in the best you can, if you can afford cashmere   ..... BUY IT you will not regret it. 

Cashmere jumpers these days are more more affordable with the high street offering very good options, if fact my favourite cashmere jumpers are from Uniqlo and Marks & Spencer

Look after your cashmere and you will have it for years. No more bobbly or limp jumpers just beautiful softness next to your skin .... Come you are worth it!

Another, wool I like (mainly because it doesn't bobble) is merino wool, which the iconic J Crew tippi is made from. The Tippi is like a t-shirt version of a jumper, brilliant to layer under a little jacket or blazer. 

What colours and styles should you buy in knitwear? Shades of grey (I am pretty sure there are 50 shades of grey 😉) to keep everything tonal you can also add black, navy and neutrals. On the subject of grey, two big bonus points for this versatile colour is that it looks expensive and it's flattering to most skin tones. With shapes ...... go for what suits your body shape really. 

I like to wear v-neck, chunky roll necks and a grey boyfriend cardigan is a versatile piece to own, splash out on one from Acne Studios  or the budget version, which I own here


Next up in the series will be the minefield that is JEANS

Have a fabulous weekend. 


All images from Pinterest 📌


  1. Have to say I bought the j crew tippi on your recommendation and it's the best jumper ever! Thank you Annemarie for brilliant advice xx

    1. Ah the Tippi such a fabulous piece! I need to renew mind .... didn't quite wash as per instructions and it's slightly shrunk! :( :(


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