Monday, 13 February 2017


C O A T S  A N D  J A C K E T S

T H E  C A M E L  C O A T

Coats and jackets can be the making of outfits and quite the classic coat to own is a camel coat ..... A camel coat is a fashion icon and every time I wear mine I feel chic and put together. If you have a champagne budget, then that will allow you to get the ultimate icon of camel coats that is the ........ Max Mara. There are plenty of other great options about my favourite being the Jaeger boyfriend wool coat that Fran has ..... Love it! 👌


T H E  T R E N C H 

I have always loved a trench and when I got money for my 40th from a combination of family and friends and a 30% discount code ...... I treated myself to what has to be the holy grail of all trenches .... the classic Burberry..... (pretty fond of this packaway version if you are not able to stretch to the Kensington). I love how a trench can be worn different ways - girly with dresses and then tomboyish with jeans or simply the classic way.


T H E  P A R K A 

 Ahh the parka or mum coat ...... I never really owned a  proper practical coat other than a ski jacket until I started on the school run and then I realised the need for such. One it had to be warm, waterproof, with a hood and hide a multitude of sins outfit wise. I had purchased the posh puffa the year before, but that was a short jacket that didn't cover my bum, so just before I left my job I thought I am going to treat myself to a really warm parka coat and my love of Olivia Palermo highlighted me to the Woolrich Arctic Parka. I opted for classic black so it would seamlessly fit into my wardrobe, I do love khaki parkas, but I was potentially spending over £500 and I wanted something that I could wear as a smart coat too. I have never regretted splashing out, it has just nearly completed its second winter season and will be dry cleaned and put away for next year. I wear it on the school run over my gym kit, over day wear and I wear it smartly over little dresses and ankle boots. It is a fabulous coat and I adore it! I've had many emails asking what style mine is, mine is the luxury arctic parka that has the cotton and rayon mix. It is semi fitted with the concealed button and zip fastening...... Just like Olivia's. 


T H E  B L A Z E R 

The next piece of outerwear I would recommend is a blazer, now some may say invest in a black blazer .... me I would say navy. I think if you are buying high street, then definitely navy because it always looks more expensive than black on the high street. A navy blazer is a mid-season staple and the perfect partner to jeans and a t-shirt come spring. It will transform, double denim to something more smarter and polished. When you are shopping for your perfect navy blazer, you don't have to spend a fortune just make sure it fits you like a glove (mine is from the petite section of J Crew) and a little tip - roll up your sleeves for a modern look. 


L E A T H E R  J A C K E T S 

A leather jacket is also a must for your capsule wardrobe ...... I didn't want to look like Suzi Quatro, but a chic French lady in black pants, cashmere roll neck or white shirt. I also like them over really girly dresses and skirts. I purchased many and hubby just laughed and then I finally found one I was comfortable in from Isabel Marant. You can spend a small fortune on one, but I think Whistles , Reiss, HushHomewear and Baukjen (my favourite) also do excellent leather jackets. 


So there you go the 5 pieces of outerwear you will need for your capsule wardrobe. 


P. S I hope you have enjoyed this series - On Wednesday we will finish off with a few essential accessories you will need. 

All images from my Pinterest Boards 📌

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