Friday, 17 February 2017


Thank you for all the lovely feedback regarding my Capsule Wardrobe Series ..... I certainly found it useful to get myself back on track! I had a pretty poor winter season with my purchases and I fell off the capsule wardrobe bandwagon a few times and I am not entirely happy with some of my winter purchases. 

With new enthusiasm and inspiration I am going to practice what I preach and stick to my own personal shopping rules. If I can't afford what I want - don't settle for second best and keep on saving. Of course great little high street look-a-likes like the Topshop Journey shoes may find their way into my closet as I don't think I could ever justify the Valentino Tan-Gos. 

With my last couple of posts in my mind and hours pouring over Pinterest choosing images for the series, I have put together my spring/summer wish list. Our plans for the summer are going to be a little different this year and at the moment we plan to do one week abroad rather than our normal two and hand on heart I have enough holiday clothes for that ..... OK .... I would just maybe like another day kaftan or playsuit and some summer shoes. Then, we plan to do a week in the UK somewhere ...... I am thinking cashmere wraps, shirts and t-shirts for that.

I know the clocks haven't even gone forward yet, but I am so over winter clothes and looking forward to all things spring/summer.

M Y  S P R I N G / S U M M E R  W I S H  L I S T 

I need a classic white shirt, I have a casual linen mix from H&M that is great ..... but I want that classic J Crew look ..... black sunnies, jeans and a crisp white classic button down shirt. I am going to try this and this one and see what I prefer.

At this moment in time, this is the one I want ...... realistically I maybe not be able to stretch to this ...... but I am crossing all fingers and toes I can. 

I say shoes because there are a few pairs I would like ...... I would love these ..... but they will have to wait until the lottery win. Seriously, I do need to replace my two tone Russell & Bromley ballet pumps as after 3 (maybe 4) years wearing them endlessly in spring/summer, I am walking out of them. I would also love a pair of Castner classic espadrille wedges in beige, I really enjoyed wearing my black ones from Topshop last year and I think a lighter colour would work well with my summer wardrobe.

Black is top of my list .... I was toying with The Isabel Marant ruffle shirt, but I am going to stick to the style that Emmanuelle Alt always wears, the casual button down. 

I don't know if you remember I purchased a pair of Mary Janes a while ago from Toppers, but the pointed toe didn't really do it for me and they weren't true look-a-likes ...... now these are and I adore them!! Yes, this is the first purchase of the list, I plan to wear them with cropped jeans and chinos for when I need to be smart. 

Wardrobe staples after a few years often need to be replaced and I would love this one. 

Middle age I think they call it has crept up on me and as well as the increasing lines on my face, my eyes are failing 😪 ....... I can't read small print and especially of an evening. Hubby and I laughed the other night both in our mid 40s and sharing reading glasses  ...... I got told book yourself an eye test and stop wearing mine! So, I have and while I was in the Opticians, I tried a few pairs ....... oh it's hard ..... I have put two pairs aside a Ray Ban pair and a Chanel pair to choose from.




  1. What a sensible, tightly edited wishlist this time round Annmarie! Well done on keeping so focused. My ancient Johnnie B Breton has just about given up the ghost and I have struggled to replace it. The Petit Bateau ones just don't suit me - they are too boxy, I think, and make me look very broad in the beam. I spotted one in Uniqlo for about £11 so bought it just to wear around the house but it has actually proved to be a nice fit and I've worn it 'in real life' over jeans and a lacy cream cami. My mum has worn those St James Bretons for many years (she has them in every colour imaginable, often with a matching scarf!) so I know the fabric is lovely and wears well. And I am also in the market for a new white shirt. I bought one from Massimo Dutti in about May last year and it has worn so badly! Really disappointing. Looks distinctly shabby now and has a hole near one of the side seams - not really wearable any more unless it's under a jumper. I have a couple of old Topshop white poplin shirts that have worn much better and also an H&M one that I really like in terms of style and shape but which creases terribly – I look like I've slept in it within a couple of hours of putting it on. The hunt continues! I'll keep you posted.... Axxx

    1. I need to stay focused ..... I have also purchased two bargains in the sale that will work well for S/S, a nice Ba&sh black top (Eilet) and J Crew Sammie Chinos which are great for us girls 5.3 and under. My Johnnie B has too died .... two small holes near the front where it must rub against my jeans. I know what you mean about the Petit Bateau ones, they are boxy, but I like the quality in them and tend to use it as my casual breton. I loved my Johnnie B one because it was a neater fit and it was perfect under jackets. I have just looked at the Uniqlo ones and they look rather nice (and a great price) .... I think Kelly (the4amClub) has just ordered some for her holiday (spotted them on her Insta Stories). I have news on the shirt front, I ordered the Gant Diamond G shirt and its a keeper, one of them when I put it on I instantly liked and the quality of the material feels really nice. Lets see if I stay focused! xxx

  2. Have just had a proper look at the Gant shirt and I love it, both in the white and in the pink colourway. Because I often wear black skirts/trousers to work, sometimes a coloured shirt works better than white (avoids waitress syndrome). What's the sizing like? I've never bought anything from Gant before. I really need to find some new jeans and black trousers and the prospect doesn't excite me at all - when it comes to jeans, you have to kiss so many frogs. Love the BA&SH top by the way...what a good buy. I bought the Maya top in the sale in the cream colourway but have only worn it a couple of times. It's so delicate and pristine that I'm worried I'm going to spill something straight down the front of it. Black would have been more practical... Axxx

    1. Loved the Maya top .... I left it too late to get that in black in a size 2 .... sold out. The Gant shirt I would say is true to size I ordered a 12. Love your analogy about the jeans .... I could do with a pair slightly lower waisted than my Topshop Jamie jeans and not as skinny for summer .... I am going to have to kiss lots of frogs to find the right pair. xx


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