Tuesday, 4 April 2017


 E A S T E R 

It is a holiday I particularly enjoy ..... it was always celebrated when I was little being brought up in a Catholic household and going to a covent school. 

Happy memories from my childhood are having fish and chips on Good Friday from the chippy (as we say in Liverpool) attending mass on Easter Sunday in a new outfit, hot cross buns with melted butter for breakfast, a delicious roast which was always traditionally lamb and copious amounts of chocolate. In my day the treats where inside the egg and not displayed outside in oversized packaging, can anybody else remember that? Such excitement to crack the chocolate egg open and to find those little bags of treats. They should go back to having the surprise inside the egg it was so much more fun. 

I try to re-create many of my childhood memories into my family Easters ...... with the added Easter egg hunt and I will decorate our home with not just spring flowers, but with twigs and decorative eggs  and I may even get an Easter wreath for the front door this year. 

A N Y B O D Y  F O R  A N O T H E R  H O T  C R O S S  B U N ? 

I enjoy Easter for a number of reasons the long weekend, giving the perfect excuse to go for drinks at the pub after long dog walks, to put the kettle on again to have just one more hot cross bun and normally (I say normally) the weather is usually nice giving hope for the summer ahead.  Here are some of my favourites for a stylish family Easter and with some alternatives to Chocolate for little ones ..... In my opinion you cant go wrong with a Maileg Bunny ...... but then again I think I have a little addiction to them.

C L I C K  T H E  P R O D U C T  I M A G E  T O  S H O P 

Easter is always a special time for us as a family now as Mr FM40's birthday normally falls somewhere around the holiday. Here's to a lovely enjoyable Easter break with your loved ones.




  1. Oh, I'm so disappointed to learn that you no longer have the large hollow eggs with the treats inside! Here in Canada they just have smaller chocolate bunnies and eggs;in Scotland, we used to roll our eggs down a hill or brae to crack it open and get the goodies inside - did you ever used to do that? I learned that it was to represent the rock rolling away from Jesus' tomb (also Catholic school!). I've just discovered your blog and really enjoyed the capsule wardrobe series.

    1. Hi thank you for your kind comments, the Capsule theme will continue on the blog as I have had some really positive feedback from it. I didn't do the rolling down the hill thing - that must of been lots of fun! Have a lovely Easter Annmarie x


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