Friday, 26 May 2017


B A G S,  H A T S  A N D  M O R E  B A G S 

B E A C H  B A G S

Next in the summer holiday capsule wardrobe is beach bags, hats and summer clutches. These items can make all the difference to a capsule holiday wardrobe. That is little old me above on holiday in Majorca last summer with my beloved Rae Feather straw monogrammed basket, I first saw these monogrammed baskets on Instagram in 2015 (I think it was on Deborah Brett's feed) and I started obsessing and I had to have one!

I do love it, but I would also love her canvas shopper too which I think would be more durable. There are many stunning baskets below that are equally nice .... 


How amazing is that Next bag! Also, don't forget my favourites straw bag stockist .... both called Lisa that stock the best bespoke baskets and clutches about at very affordable prices.

Lisa from Piratesandviolets and Lisa from Edit58

S U N  H A T S 

Suns hats are my saviour on holiday .... my hair doesn't like the heat .... it goes slightly mad. So, I pop a hat on and I look respectfully OK. I do favour a classic panama, but last year the Eugenia Kim hats made my heart skip a beat. The high street have been quick to replicate and I got my £8 bargain from Matalan last week (sorry I cannot find it online) and here are a few more good options. 


Now you will need a summer clutch to give your white and black summer dresses some Razz-a-matazz.


If you like the one from La Redoute then don't delay they have 40% off everything again with code BIG40

Well everybody, have a lovely long weekend. My packing to London has changed multiple times with the weather in mind. I find packing for a summer holiday so much easier than a weekend city break. 



  1. I have so enjoyed these holiday wardrobe posts Annmarie – thank you. The Vanessa Bruno linen and sequinned bag is on my wishlist every single year!! I wouldn't dare take it to the beach though - my kids would be rifling through it every five minutes looking for sun cream or shoving in sticky ice cream wrappers! As for clutches, I bought a Star Mela one the year before last and ebayed it last summer as it was too big (that seems to be the fashion at the mo) and I looked like I was going out to dinner holding an A4 folder. My kids thought it was hilarious as all that was in it was a phone and a lipgloss! I love the Whistles one you've shown and they also have another lovely orange one on their website but it doesn't give any dimensions - doh! I don't envy you the packing for London - city break packing is so hard. Have a fab weekend, will look forward to seeing what you're up to on Instagram! axxx

  2. Agree with the above comment, have loved your holiday posts. I am a big fan of a summer clutch & purchased a couple from Mango last year & will be adding another one (or two) this season. Those half moon styles in your picks are gorgeous. Rachel xx


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