Monday, 3 July 2017


I have recently been taking part in an experiment for Seven Seas to highlight the importance of Omega-3 in your diet for the Seven Seas live your #TRUEAGE campaign.

My Omega-3 level was measured, by taking a small blood sample through a simple finger prick test. This was then used to calculate a percentage of Omega-3 fatty acids in my body's blood cell. The higher the index, the more Omega-3 you have in your body which is beneficial in supporting overall health including normal heart function, normal vision, normal bone and normal brain function which you have to agree with me are all pretty important functions.

Last week my results came through and my index is 6.0. Professor Philip Calder who is a Professor of Nutritional Immunology with Medicine at the University of Southampton findings were; 

Fatty acids have been measured in AW’s red blood cells. The omega-3 fatty acid content of red blood cells – the fatty acids are in the membrane of the cells – is considered to be a good indicator of how much omega-3s are being eaten. The omega-3s of greatest interest are EPA and DHA. A higher intake of EPA and DHA, and so a greater content in red blood cells, is linked with better health, including heart health. This is because the amount of EPA and DHA in red blood cells mirrors the amount in tissues like the heart. Researchers have defined the omega-3 index as the combined amounts of EPA plus DHA in red blood cells and suggest that this index be used as an indicator of heart health, just like blood cholesterol or blood pressure might be used. An omega-3 index of 4 or below would be a cause for concern, while an index of 8 or above would be a good sign.

AW’s sample of 27/4/17 gives an omega-3 index of 6.0. Although this is well above the threshold for concern of 4, it is still below the threshold for greatest benefit of 8. Thus, there is room for improvement and most likely AW is not eating enough EPA and DHA. AW should consider including more fatty fish like salmon, sardines or mackerel in her diet. Alternatively, she could consider using an omega-3 supplement that provides EPA and DHA. It would be interesting to see what will happen with AW’s omega-3 index if she adopts either of these strategies to increase her EPA and DHA intake.
The red blood cell membrane contains over 25 different fatty acids all present in different amounts. When AW’s omega-3 index (i.e. EPA and DHA) was measured the lab also measured all of the other fatty acids, so there is a lot of information in the analysis.

So, I am above the threshold of concern, but I can still improve and to do this, I am taking a daily  Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil Maximum Strength Capsule  (available at Boots on the 3 for 2 offer here) . These capsules have a rich source of Omega-3 and vitamin D and as I mentioned earlier Omega-3 supports a healthy heart, your bones, the maintenance of normal vision and normal brain function and vitamin D supports strong bones and your immune function. 

Seven Seas have been trusted for generations and have been supporting family health for over 80 years. They certainly have been supporting my own family's health for many years, my mum is a huge fan of their Cod Liver Oil and I have lost count how many times my mum has said to me, "Do you take your Cod Liver Oil?"

Seven Seas believe in living the age you feel inside and not necessarily the age that you are. The age that you feel inside is what they call your true age. So, like me join the #TRUEAGE movement by taking your daily Sevens Seas Cod Liver Oil Maximum Strength Capsule and introducing fish such as salmon and mackerel to your diet. 

It was even in the Porter magazine that we need to A-Game our brain which is the unseen force behind good health and in their article they mention the importance of Omega-3 being wonderful brain food. 

As they say age is just a number and as a 44 year old mum with young children I will try to A-Game everything I can to feel my #TRUEAGE

Doing what you love and what makes you happy, regardless of your age is what will help keep you feeling young and living your true age. 


Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil Maximum Strength Capsules (RRP £7.99) are available nationwide, and can be found at Boots within their 3 for 2 offer section.

P.S You can learn more about the #TRUEAGE movement by taking a look at Seven Seas Facebook page or their Twitter page

This post was brought to you in partnership with Seven Seas

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