Tuesday, 18 July 2017


# S T A Y C A T I O N 

Our holiday plans are different this year .... normally we visit Marbella, Mallorca or France, but this year we are going to Guernsey. 

My husband has been visiting Guernsey for work for the past year and said to us how pretty the Island is and that we must visit as a family ...... so in August, we are.

What do you pack? ..... Over recent years I have got my packing for a
Mediterranean two week break off to a fine art, but a staycation is a whole new game for me and I think I could need options, more than a few options and that is why I will be sticking to one of my packing rules ..... packing a colour co-ordinate wardrobe so that I don't overpack. 

I am thinking a colour palette of monochrome with touches of blush pink and red.

W H A T  I  P L A N  T O  P A C K 

• Denim, shorts and jeans for cooler days 
• White pretty tops 
• Black blouses /T-shirts
• A few nice dresses for the evening especially my Warehouse blush wrap dress and my red Ba&sh dress
• Day dresses to go over my swimwear 
• Oh my favourite Bella Freud jumper & wrap (just in case .....) 
• This seasons IT bag .... the round basket 
• Espadrille wedges, sandals and a close toe flat shoe

Fingers crossed for good weather I hope to be wandering around Guernsey in an outfit like above, how cute are those Birkin baskets (they look super chic with your Net-A-Porter black ribbon tied in a chic bow like my new Instagram crush TheBrunein )



  1. If the weather is good, which it should be, you will have a great time. Even not so great days, there is a lot to do and see.


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