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If you follow me on Instagram you will know recently I decided to go and get some advice on Botox and to get help with my frown lines. 

H AR L E Y  A C A D E M Y  C L I N I C S

I visited Harley Academy Clinics 2 weeks ago Harley Academy Clinics is a national network of elite cosmetic training clinics, their ethos is centred around ensuring that only medical professionals perform cosmetic injectables by providing a safe and regulated environment for their postgraduate trainees to hone their Botox and Dermal Filler skills to the highest national standards. They only train qualified doctors, dentists and nurses who have already completed training in Botox and filler treatments. This means their training sessions are the most affordable way to get safe, high-quality cosmetic treatments. Throughout every step of the procedure, the trainees are closely monitored at every stage by leading cosmetic doctors.

It is alarming that at present there are actually no legislations in regard to who is permitted to perform these types of procedures, in simple terms training providers will accept anyone (most commonly beauty therapists & aestheticians) onto courses to learn these techniques with no prior medical background. I understand that for some people the significantly lower cost in going to some of these establishments may be tempting, however, there could be potentially dangerous consequences. 

Prices for BOTOX® and filler treatments can range massively and as I have just mentioned it may be tempting to go for a cheaper option, but you must do your research and ensure the person doing the procedure has an in-depth understanding of the human anatomy and vascular system and that is only achieved by being a trained medical professional. This is where Harley Academy Clinics bridges the gap between the two, by providing a safe and professional environment for clients to attain affordable treatments in return for your participation in the training of their graduates. Throughout every step of the procedure, the trainees are closely monitored at every stage by a leading cosmetic doctors.

M Y  E X P E R I E N C E 

I visited their clinic in Liverpool, which is situated in the commercial quarter, the clinic has a large stylish reception area and as soon as you walk in you are quickly seen to. The clinic is spacious and clean and the treatment room where I was seen was pristine.

From start to finish I felt very comfortable in the hands of my doctor Dr. Vikram Swaminathan ( who is an academic at both Harley Academy and the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, alongside being an honorary teaching fellow at the University of Liverpool Medical School) after a polite introduction he asked me to discuss any concerns I had. 

We then got into a facial analysis, a process where the doctor looks at your face and discusses potential treatments that they feel may be suitable to achieve your desired look/improve any facial asymmetries present. This process felt natural and definitely not pushy or impersonal. 

I told him that my major concern was my frown lines between by eyebrows and he also noticed the lines on my forehead which he said could also be improved by BOTOX®. I then told him that I didn't want to look totally paralysed  - the frozen look I don't partially like, but I just wanted to look like a more refresher version of myself (maybe before the kids and two years of sleep deprivation we had after N was born) This is when I began to feel totally relaxed and happy he understood what I wanted and the aim of a natural look was mutually agreed.

With every step of this interaction the doctor really involved the graduate Dr. James and got him to ask his own questions, ensuring that he was part of the process as much as I was. 

The doctor proceeds with the treatments that you both agree to, a consent form is signed making you aware of every possible side affect and ensuring that you are informed on exactly what is being used, what is being treated and why. The graduates observe and perform part of the procedure themselves, for example botox could be administered in one area by the main doctor and another by the graduate.

After your procedures are completed, they provide you with in depth after care information to ensure you attain the best results, for example, I couldn't drink alcohol for 24 hours nor do anything that would make me sweat excessively. 

When I did a little bit of research about clinics, everywhere it said if it's your first time getting Botox your doctor should invite you back a couple of weeks after for a review and the Doctors at Harley Academy did just that.

M Y  R E S U L T S 

Here are before and after photos ... one just taken before my treatment and the other 12 days after the Botox was injected.

 Before                                                                 After

I wanted a natural look as I didn't want the shiny frozen forehead I see a lot around Liverpool/Manchester nor did I want the Jack Nicolas eyebrows so I think Dr. Vikram Swaminathan was very cautious with the amounts of Botox that he injected in me and I am glad of that. He told me the maximum effects can take up to two weeks and as we are approaching that timeframe I am delighted! The lines on my forehead have been definitely softened and I am really, really happy with the results there. My frown lines between by eyebrows were rather deep beforehand and they have been definitely been refreshed,  I can still see them slightly (particularly the left one) ........but they certainly do not bother me as much. However, when I see the comparison of the before pictures I can see there has been a huge improvement. Overall, I am very pleased I still have movement and expression, but everything looks slightly softer - which is the result that I wanted.

I had a really positive experience and I couldn't recommend this clinic enough, I have recommended them to friends and family. I love their in-depth consultations and their strong ethos towards educating both their graduates and clients alike. 

They have clinics nationwide and you can register to be considered for being a model here for a reduced rate of £100 per ml filler / syringe of Botox.

P.S Please bare in mind this offer is in acknowledgement of the fact that you will have graduates perform (part) procedures on you. Only be in touch with them if you are 100% comfortable with this - rest assured you are in safe hands - for further information read here or you can contact them on; 

Telephone: 0203 884 3246
also check out their Instagram here @harleyacademyclinics

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