Friday, 4 August 2017


If all things go to plan we hopefully will be off on our little holiday very soon and I have started to lay stuff out in the spare room. I staycation summer holiday is a whole new ball game for me .... I can pack a great bag for the coast or a Lake District weekend in autumn/winter, but for summer ......

..... and this comes from the girl who spent most of her childhood summers in Anglesey (so I should know to pack for all weathers with our wonderful British summers). 

So, I think I have the days pretty much sorted .... my little puffa spring jacket is a late addition with the weather of late - I thought it may be a safe option to put in the case, especially as it rolls up to nothing and is light as a feather. I had a few enquiries on this jacket (it is the one I wore in The Open family picture on Instagram) I have worn this jacket endlessly this summer (due to the rubbish weather, it is light, warm and practical oh and it's now on sale at Matchesfashion, here). 

I am packing my signature lace blouses, t-shirts (The Dressing Room has just had a new delivery of Maison Labiche T-Shirts if you fancy a nose -some with long sleeves for the winter) to wear with denim (fingers crossed it's shorts most days). I am also going to pop in my Bella Freud jumper just to be on the safe side. 

Converse for comfort and practically (I will travel in these) and a pair of sandals.

Finally, my large Rae Feather basket, I wasn't going to take this, but I think it will be very handy to transport the many layers the kids might need in one day; hoodies, sunhats and towelling beach robes


P.S I am constantly looking at the weather and it is looking to improve - so tomorrow I will feature an optimistic pool look (the hotel outside pool is heated 🙏)



  1. I am interested to know what winter coat you will be buying this year as i need something extra warm as a rugby watching mum. I bought the Moncler jacket you recommended a couple of years ago but it is looking abit tierd now.

    1. Morning ....
      Oh I need you to tell my husband that your Moncler is also looking tired!! ha ..... To be honest mine is OK mainly because the year after buying it I purchased another expensive coat my Woolwich Arctic parka (which is very warm for being a Rubgy mum) So, I alternate ..... both will be getting dry cleaned in September for the coming winter season ahead. I would love another coat, but my list is endless for A/W I need loads of jumpers ( I threw loads away last year in frustration - which I didn't like any more, bobbles etc ....) new boots and I want a new black leather day bag which will be my big ticket item ..... a coat is low down on my long list. I do however like the Moncler Bable if I was able to afford one ...... its not as thick as our Monclers but it has a hood and covers your bum. If you want a really warm coat I LOVE my Woolrich and it doesn't go/look scruffy ...... x

  2. What is the sizing like on Madison labiche please? I wear an m in j crew Tippi jumpers .....

  3. Hi Annemarie what is the sizing like on the maison labiche t shirt as the dressing room only has a large left? 😥😊 thank you

    1. I would say a M is a size 12 - hope that helps xx Ive you tried Masion Labiche own website? x


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