Tuesday, 2 January 2018


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G O O D B Y E  2 0 1 7,  H E L L O  2 0 1 8 . . . 

Hello there! Happy New Year! 

This time of year always has the potential to leave me feeling a little anxious and sad. I've never been a fan of New Year's Eve and all the hype and pressure to start the year in style. In fact I think for me that New Year's Eve is always tinged with a little sadness that Christmas (which I adore) and another year (especially now I am the wrong side of 40) is over already.

Having said that it is the perfect time to look back and take stock of the year that has just passed us by .... 2017, which I have to say wasn't one of my favourite years, in-fact it was rather stressful, but New Year, new start. 

Have you made any new year resolutions? I have the usual ones, lose at least 8lbs, eat healthy, drink more water (less caffeine and vino) and get fitter.  The big one this year is to stress less and more importantly not be anxious about putting myself out there and worrying what people may think. You see, I have turned down a few opportunities in this blogging world because I feel anxious about dipping my big toe into this funny world and worry what people may think of me. In-fact, I should be proud that what started as a hobby whilst I was on maternity leave with my second child, now is my full-time job and pays a wage. So, moving forward I am going to say with confidence "I am a blogger" instead of either letting people assume I am a SAHM or saying I used to be a Flight Attendant. You may even see me take up the odd invite to London for a press day, instead of turning them down. 

Being anxious about taking that leap has always held me back slightly, never left home to go to University (one of my big life regrets) and ski-ing which I loved on the nursery slopes, I hated on the mountains as I was too anxious about hurting myself and what could go wrong. 

So, let's put our worries and anxieties aside for 2018..... and we will start 2018 with fashion for those fearless girls on those beautiful snowy slopes with my Ski Wear edit. 


Forever grateful for you following me here on my blog and Instagram. Here is to a fearless 2018, but of course my normal (safe) regular posts of capsule dressing, with French influences and styling ideas will always be the core content of FM40 ...... featuring clothes and brands only that I TRULY love myself. 

Love Annmarie

P.S If you would like to see anything new or different on FM40 ...... let me know 💋


  1. Good for you- you should be proud of your blog! I love your classic taste with a touch of French style, that's what keeps me coming back. Wishing you all the best for 2018

  2. You have every right to be proud - and be confident, if only to be a powerful female role model for your daughter.

    1. and I shall! Thank you for you positive wise words! xx

  3. Absolutely. You are single-handedly helping this 42 year old mum of two to rediscover her old (sometime) stylish self!! Shame that you can't fully appreciate the true value of your blog to readers like me. Technology has its limitations.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment .... I think you look at others and compare. I shall just keep with what I am doing with a little more confidence as it's lovely to hear I am of help. xx

  4. Hi AnnMarie,
    For years, every fashion blog that I found seemed to be written by young models with a professional make-up artists and photographers at their side. Your blog is refreshing, and helped me dip my own toes in the blogging world. I too, am 40+ and mostly a SAHM, sharing my personal style, so you're not alone :). I'm just on a different continent than you, but really not that far away in the world of blogging! Good luck in 2018! Nipa

    1. Thank You Nipa and Happy New Year ..... its a small world this blogging world :) x


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