Friday, 9 February 2018



Some of you may be off ski-ing this half term (lucky you) and to help you with your Après-ski look Wardrobe Icons did a really good piece and they are the right guys to look for inspiration as both Laura Fantacci and Deborah Brett always look AMAZING on the slopes. 

However, I did think £114 for a velvet hair bow a little excessive so with Wardrobe Icons style sheet my inspiration I thought I would look for cheaper alternatives.


Similar pieces to Laura's edit, but all slightly more affordable. The velvet hair bow can be purchased from the wonderful Esty and at £10.50 is far more affordable than £114! You can even make your own classic hair bow with ribbon from good old John Lewis's haberdashery department. Whilst, the Gucci's knitted headbands are the cutest things I have seen for ages, the price tag maybe not. 


Knitwear is an essential on a ski holiday and perfect for the evenings worn with leather (or leather look leggings .... still loving my Next ones). I have kept my picks quite retro in keeping with the Wardrobe Icons edit and I have found a cheaper alternative to the Ganni rainbow striped jumper (here) whilst not compromising on quality. I certainly wouldn't comprise with one jumper and would definitely splash out on an iconic Bella Freud for a little Ski Chalet evening statement.
Oh, and that Madeleine Thompson onesie I have found on the Outnet is £190 cheaper than Wardrobe Icon's pick. 


Another evening option is a check shirt or a classic denim shirt accessorised as Laura says with that velvet hair bow. I have tried to find similar and cheaper again, of course to the gorgeous Isabel Marant's red check shirt she picked in her edit. 


Footwear, very important on a ski holiday and I am not talking those uncomfortable ski boots! Snow boots are now quite fashionable and Isabel Marant would be choice for those with the budget ..... &OtherStories have the quite brilliant homage, which now come in three different colours.
If staying in your hotel by the roaring fire enjoying your fondue or goulash then there would be no need for snow boots and a versatile pair of flats would be perfect ..... who needs Gucci when you can have these at a fraction of the price.


I have noticed on Instagram the ski look is going back in time and going all retro with a modern feel to it (Pefect Moment ski wear being the "perfect' example) and nothing more retro is a little neck scarf and whilst we would all love a silk Hermes scarf tied around our neck or wrist ..... try Aspinal of London silk scarf for a more affordable option. 

 Happy ski-ing everyone. 


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