Monday, 12 March 2018



Here, is what is on my personal wish list for S/S 2018. I am trying to be ultra sensible and in keeping with my love of neutral colours and things that I can get maximum wear and versatility out of. 

I had a little sort out January/February and a few things have been sold which gives me a little slush fund for a new dress. 

Now, I told you I wanted to be a Ganni girl this summer and the polka dot wrap dress was high on my list ..... but I had a moment and I sent for this instead ...... I know a little loud for me, but I thought it would be better suited for summer holidays with the shorter sleeve and the pretty floral print. Hasten to add, it went straight back as it was a little "kimono dressing grown" for my liking. 

 I am going to go with my original plan and order the polka dot dress, as it is not just solely for holidays. The long sleeves are quite sheer, so still suitable to wear on a summer holiday and are perfect for me as I don't like showing my top arms. The sleeves can also be folded back (like I do with my old Zara lace dress) and paired with tan flat sandals and a little basket bag, I think this dress would look really chic on holiday...

Talking about basket bags, they are going to be huge again this summer and I really fancy one of those round bali box woven ones. I have searched for one high and low with a price under £40 (they usually retail for around £80) and one with a leather strap (be careful some of the cheaper options have PU straps) and bingo ...... I have found this one on Etsy

If you like the Jane Birken baskets, then this one is pretty cute from Mango. I think they look nice as storage baskets in your bedroom also. 


Shoes .... after a few winter purchases I don't really need much in the footwear department. Other than a pair of tan Hermes Oran sandals ..... #DREAMONGIRL.  I am lucky to have a black pair and a pair in tan are sadly out of the question for the immediate near future, so I am going to go for either the Dune Loupe that I alerted to you all on stories or the Jessica Buurman dupes

When sorting my wardrobe out, I thought what do I wear mostly in the summer and it's either white or pale blue tops with jeans. I need a new pair of jeans, which will involve a little try on session that I am not looking forward too. Tops ..... I want to make my first Sezane purchase .... I know why has it taken me so long to do so? I like this, this and this. All perfect with jeans and denim shorts on holiday ..... you see trying to obtain maximum wear and versatility. 


I would also like if funds permit some little pieces of nice gold jewellery for Missoma .... I am not a huge jewellery girl mainly because I tend to be lazy and not wear it. But, I have come to realise how little delicate necklaces layered can elevate the look of a simple white tee and jeans combo.


Best get saving!


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