Wednesday, 28 March 2018


S P R I N G   O U T E R W E A R

A Trench mac is the perfect spring coat and there is always a time and place for the classic trench, but this season taking a lead from Céline there are a few directional,  deconstructed trenches. From displaced arm holes to cape details, mismatched fabrics and oversized belts, the raincoat is this year’s way to make a statement, even Burberry has transformed their iconic design, adding bright pink piping and floral patterns for a modern take.

My tip is to stay classic. However, if you do want something a little more on-trend these two from Stories are great options, this one and I love the sleeve detail on this one.


T H E   T A I L O R E D   O P T I O N 

I always recommend having a little navy blazer in your wardrobe, preferably Balmain style and there are many homages on the high street to choose from, this one being a great option. 
I have recently clocked Helen, who I have followed since I joined Instagram wearing her Holland Cooper Kensington Blazers and looking amazing!!! The Holland Cooper Kensington blazer is a fabulous alternative to Balmain, they are tailored to perfection in luxurious fabrics and tweeds and retail for £399 compared to Balmain's £1000 +,  plus the big bonus being they are a British Made! You can see their full collection here

 A black blazer is wardrobe essential that works for all seasons, from tuxedo styles to double-breasted designs, the high street is delivering on classic black blazers right now. Team with everything from T-shirts to silk camis and shirts to elevate your look. They are also perfect to have perched on your shoulders over an evening dress ... this tux is a fab option for that. 

 I would always advise to head to Zara to find one on the high street, but there are plenty of good options on the high street ..... Love this one from Stories.  Also, from personal recommendation this one I was recently sent by Baukjen is fab and I am delighted with it. 


G. I. J A N E

Another useful jacket to own is a khaki military jacket, be it a cotton parka or shirt-jacket hybrid know as the shacket. If you are a little more daring, you could go for a camo-print offering.  There are loads on the high street to choose from, I particularly like the belted options this year, like this and this one.

If you would like to invest or splash out then Anine Bing's is the ultimate option .... Love it!


Other useful springtime jackets are the little tweed jacket (I did a post recently on them, here) and a denim jacket ..... a good place to look for them is Gap and  J Crew, J Crew have 20% off with the code SPRINGTIME


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