Friday, 6 April 2018


B A S K E T   C A S E

Yes .... don't think I am mad, but you don't have to keep your straw baskets for your holiday. They are a serious trend piece, from Birkin bucket baskets, oversized totes, round bali bags to Cult Gaia’s structural designs ...anythings goes and it's whatever takes your fancy.


Those Jane Birkin baskets are just so chic and look perfectly accessorised with a little black/white scarf or a Net-a-Porter black ribbon just like Christelle aka TheBrunein (I adore Christelle's simple French style check her Instagram out here).  Another basket bag I love are those bali round little basket bags and I finally received mine, which I purchase from Etsy .... I had to pay a little customs tax (£14) but it was still far cheaper than some retailers in this country.

A simple straw tote for the shopping like the one from The White Company or go for a monogrammed one from Rae Feather or a more affordable option here ... the monogrammed tote from PiratesandViloets who I found on Instagram a few years back and introduced you all to Lisa and her fab baskets. 

S U N  S E A  &  P O M P O M S

Baskets with a few pompoms or jazzy embellishments are perfect for your holidays .... here are a few of my favourites.


To thank you for helping me reach 20K followers on Instagram recently I am doing a giveaway in collaboration with Babooshe and you could win a fabulous pom pom koffa basket

So, if you haven't already entered head over to my Instagram here


All images from Pinterest 📌

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