Friday, 21 September 2018


R E M E D I E S  F O R  A  G O O D  N I G H T  S L E E P

As a child you never want to go to bed – any delaying tactic is worth a try when it comes to bedtime. My two try it now and the funny thing is I remember trying the same tactics many years ago. As a teen, I tried them still ..... always trying to get to that magic 10pm like adults, but when it came to morning I didn't like getting up! Then, when you become an adult with no one telling you when to go to bed or when to get up so you make your own (some good, but mostly bad) decisions.

Then there is the sleep deprived years of early parenthood and nightfeeds, wow they took it out of me! Then, the stresses and worries of running your own business and working for oneself which can cause the occasional sleepless night. The right amount of Zzz's is really important, I am a far nicer person when I have had my 7 hours of undisturbed sleep ..... I am! Ask my husband!

What rituals do I follow for a good nights sleep? Well, firstly nothing is better than climbing into bed on to freshly laundered bedlinen to enjoy a tranquil nights sleep and even better if they are from The White Company.  Same goes for the PJ's, love my The White Company PJ's, I normally always go for the crisp white classic cotton ones. However, for this autumn/winter I have gone for their super soft jersey PJ's in grey. To be honest we in our house get into our PJ's, slippers or cashmere bed socks long before bedtime, especially as the nights draw in and it gets colder and darker outside. We are not alone are we?

G O O D  N I G H T

I am a pretty good sleeper, but it is always good to upgrade your rituals with naturally infused sleep remedies, like The White Company's sleep collection. For this collection The White Company have worked with expert British perfumers and hand-picked six of the most soothing essential oils, including lavender (LOVE lavender), chamomile and clary sage to help quieten the mind, relieve tension and cocoon the senses with calm so you drift off with ease. The collection has a selection of pre-bedtime indulgences such as a calming bath soak, a body cream, a softening body oil and conditioning hand cream

The diffuser, scented candle and pillow mist being perfect bedside table accessories to enjoy the peace-inducing scent as you prepare for bed. If you’re a restless sleeper,  the pillow mist can be re-spritzed each time you stir to help you drift off again.

G O O D  N I G H T  G O D  B L E S S

Pom Pom Mule Slippers  * | Classic Jersey PJ Set * | Brittany Quilt | Symons Bone China Mug

There is no better way to start your day waking up fully refreshed especially on a Sunday morning when there is no need to rush ...... just good coffee to be made and the Sunday papers and style supplements to read.

Wishing you all a good nights sleep and some quality Zzzs.....


This post was brought to you in collaboration with The White Company (items marked with * were gifted for this post) thank you for supporting the brands I love and trust.

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