Sunday, 21 October 2018


B E A C H  A U T U M N  W A L K S

We love living by the coast and a walk along the beach is always good for the soul. As the weather gets a bit chiller and often breezy wrapping up for our walks is now essential. I always wear my trusted Le Chameau wellies and my warm Moncler coat I've had a few years.

I love hats, especially fedoras hats. I was recently contacted by Bon-Clic-Bon-Genre to see if I would like to design my own tailor made hat

T A I L O R E D   M A D E 

I jumped at this opportunity! Firstly, I picked the style of hat I wanted, I chose the Heritage Fedora and then the colour of my hat. Then, came the exciting bit ...... choosing a braid and adding a feather trim. I went for a traditional braid, but in a contrast colour to my black hat, grey. This colour complemented the black and white feather I really wanted perfectly. 

The style and colour combination of my hat works well with my walking clothes and also my smarter coats too. 

A  F E A T H E R  I N  Y O U R  C A P

I am delighted with my hat, the quality and the fact I had a hand in designing it myself. The turnaround time was pretty impressive - my hat was with me within the week. There are many styles of hats and price points available at Bon-Clic-Bon-Genre

So, if you are a hat lover like me then you need to have a look on Bon-Clic-Bon-Genre's website 



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