Sunday, 19 May 2019


M A K E   E V E R Y   M I N U T E   C O U N T

Do you have time to really give yourself some self care and look after your skin? 

We are all so busy these days often putting work, household chores and looking after our loved ones before even thinking about ourselves. I am so guilty of this and I am ashamed to admit I often put scrolling through Instagram before looking after my skin. Recently, I have been experiencing disturbed sleep, which is new thing for me (sadly I think is an age thing) and my skin is looking tired, dull and dehydrated.

I would like and need a skincare regime that is simple, effective and that is not that time consuming because let's face it every minute counts in our hectic lifestyles. Ideally, I would love to put on a decent night cream to make my skin look like I have had 8 hours sleep the next morning.

I am pleased to report I may I just found my dream skin care duo with Elemis Peptide4 Adaptive Day Cream and Plumping Pillow Facial.

E L E M I S   P E P T I D E   24/7   R A N G E

Elemis Peptide4 Adaptive Day Cream is a skin perfecting moisturiser that adapts to your skin's needs throughout the daytime, primes the skin for a flawless looking complexion with or without makeup. 

Elemis Peptide4 Plumping Pillow Facial is a super cool hydrating sleep mask gel that glides onto the skin, creating a biomimetic veil that helps prevent overnight water loss, leaving skin looking younger and feeling plumped with moisture upon waking.

I have been using both now for over two weeks now and I am delighted with the results. My skin is less dehydrated, feels refreshed and is looking more plump in the morning. During the day my skin feels far more comfortable and looks brighter and balanced.

I am keen to try some of the other products in the range now ... especially the eye recovery cream and the thousand flower mask.


Back in the day, when I did treat myself to a facial, Elemis was my go to. I was then advised to use this cleanser and toner, for my dehydrated skin. After loving the results of the peptide 24/7 day and night cream, my love for Elemis has been rekindled and I have just treated myself to both the cleanser and toner.

If like me every minute counts in your day to day life and you are looking for a skincare range to support your tired looking complexions, then try Peptide 24/7 range. It's certainly helped me to achieve a well-rested glow, around the clock.

See the full range here.



This post was part of a paid collaboration with Elemis. However, all options are my own and due to my successful findings I have purchased more products from the range myself.

Friday, 17 May 2019


S T Y L E  A L L   S U M M E R   A T   M&S 

I think M&S are on a roll at the moment .... Firstly, they seem to have sorted their styling out on their website! Secondly, the Per Una range has thankfully had an overhaul (dear God it needed it) and thought out their many different ranges there are more than a few pieces worth trying out ... when you are rushing through to the food hall. 


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Both of the summer dresses in the first pictures are ideal for a heatwave or your summer holiday and that navy linen wrap dress is very cute. 

I also spotted these navy shorts styled with this shirt while I was waiting in their collection point that looked very classy together. Isn't that skirt very Victoria Beckham? The print is VERY similar to that of the cream Victoria Beckham dress Meghan wore to Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day. Styled with a simple black tee and these mules it would look fabulous. 

Talking about those mules they come in a range of 'Hermes' inspired colours ... check them out here.

If you are on the look out for dresses, then this is nice for the office, this one is cute, this and finally this white maxi looks fabulous for your holiday. 

To fully check out what is new in at M&S click here


PS Don't forget about those Saint Laurent 'like' Sunnies I told you about too!  

Thursday, 16 May 2019


D A Y T I M E   S U N S H I N E   S T Y L E  

Next in this year's series we will move onto daytime dresses. 

Keeping with my style tips of ditching the separates and mainly investing in dresses. They are easier to wear, pack and most importantly take up less space in your case. Also, a space saver is to keep your holiday wardrobe colour co-ordinated, I mainly keep mine monochrome with a bright accent colour such as a coral red or a bright blue. 

 I personally like natural fabrics such a cotton, maybe a touch of linen and I like something that's normally loose and has a little sleeve. My perfect shape is just above the knee with no waist band. I like to pop one on over my swimsuit, have breakfast in, maybe wear it to go to the market and that will then take me to the beach bar for lunch, so I don't like many to be too see-through.


So many beautiful ones in my edit, it's hard for me to highlight a few .... but I have to say the white PIT USA version of my black one I love (my black PIT USA dress was my most worn item last year on my summer holiday, it so easy to wear) and I am loving this years new wrap style.

If your budget allows ... you need to checkout the Innaka Choo dresses and of course the Rhode Resort ones. I totally recommend the Poupette St Barth mini dress I was kindly gifted by Beach Cafe, that can be worn morning, noon and night which a little change of accessories.

On the high street, I absolutely love this one and this. Oh and this one is the exact copy of an Sezane dress from last season. 


I love a Tory Burch style tunic on holiday, carrying a large beach clutch, hat and sunnies is a look that always looks chic and expensive. Whether you are wearing the real deal or a Boden Tory Burch homage, like this one or this.

Melissa Odabash and Heidi Klein or two more designers worth looking at, I love their drop waist style tunic/dresses on holiday. 

The high street options, loving this white broidery anglaise one (surprise, surprise) and this little one from M&S is a great buy. Oh and this one is very classy comes in black and white.


As I often say less is often more and nothing looks better on the beach over your swimwear than a simple white oversized button-down shirt. It complements a tan like nobody’s business and it’s both unexpectedly sexy and surprisingly elegant-looking for the beach. It's been an elegant and very stylish cover-up for years. So easy to have on your pool lounger when your children often have you up and down like a yo yo ... throw on when you have to parade around the pool and you maybe aren't that body confident.

I personally got one from Next last year, that is very similar to this one from M&S or this Seafolly one. 

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