Sunday, 29 June 2014

Happy Birthday to Fashionmumof40

Fashionmumof40 is officially 1 year old today...... 
(albeit after a false start the previous November, on 29th June 2013 I started blogging again ) and wow, where has the time gone? 

In that year I have made some lovely virtual blogging friends... the blogs that I read are written by some truly wonderful, supportive women who take the time to read and support one another's blogs. I have built up a lovely set of followers of about 400! Which just amazes me personally that I got even 1 person to follow my little blog. 

My blog is my outlet for my passion for fashion and somewhere I can be creative.  At 41 years old I have come the realisation that I should of gone to art college and followed my dream as a 17 year old and not talked into doing business by the Nuns at my convent school.......because I was a bright girl....... Errm, Fashion designers, buyers and stylists are very bright girls......that's what I should of said!! ( I am of course not saying I would of made it in any of these areas but I would of had more of a chance at doing something more creative in my 9 to 5 life.)

Thank you to all my readers for making this such an amazing first year! I really do appreciate your support, lovely comments and emails (especially emails that alert me to the fact my lust items are in the sale!!! That was hard not to give in to that Marant temptation....Sally! he he)  Now I am ready to celebrate with a glass of vino...... unfortunately not in sunny Spain, back to reality today. So Fashionmumof40 is back in business after my break, fully refreshed, with holiday posts and summer holiday fashion inspiration for you in the next couple of posts...... the summer school holidays are nearly upon us! 

Lots of love 



  1. Happy birthday to your blog! I found it just as I started mine and I love reading it, you are one stylish lady. Hope you had a fab holiday
    A xx

  2. Happy blog-versary Annmarie! You are one truly stylish lady & I love reading your blog. Enjoy the celebratory glass of vino or two ;-)
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  3. Good to have you back honey, how on earth we can miss people we have never met in real life I will never know but miss you I did! Looking forward to your posts to help me plan some different places to eat the next time I am in Marbella xx

  4. Well done on your first year of blogging-you're a natural and I love catching up with your style. You've a great eye for finding lovely pieces. Here's to many more years of blogging xx ps the nuns have a LOT to answer for!! Xxx


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