Friday, 11 July 2014

FM40 Style - M&S Swimwear 20% off

After having baby number 2 and hitting 40 I knew my bikini days were over! ...... The MT ( mummy tummy) needed to be hidden for the well being of the other sunbathers. Last year I purchased 2 good quality swimsuits from my local lingerie shop, I required two things, good support for my large bust and some control and ruching to hide the old MT, now these set me back £80 per piece but I don't regret a single penny. They have given myself my confidence back poolside and at the beach. 
One pieces are so much more popular .... and chicer these days I think, even size 8 Fashion Editors are favouring the one piece. 
On route to the food department I have been admiring M&S's swimsuits this year.  The tummy control ones look amazing and don't look like granny suits like they did a couple of years back. M&S tummy control swimsuits I would say look rather sexy..... They also look very good quality on par with my £80 ones I got last year, the stretch and control factors appear to be excellent. Here are my favourite ones and today till 8pm there is 20% off all swim & beach wear!!!

They also have some great cover ups, here are 3 of my favourites,

 M&S have 20% off their fabulous swimwear and beachwear range today from 8am to 8pm, click here to see their full range.

Happy Shopping,

Annmarie xx


  1. How funny Annmarie we were both definitely on the same wavelength weren't we!!!
    Very tempted by the M&S swimsuits this year it has to be said especially the red one.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. I have decided that this summer my bikini is only for private viewing in the garden. I'm off to shop M&S for a costume!

  3. Wow you look amazing Anne Marie! I'm loving the M&S monochrome swimsuits featured them today also x

  4. Gosh, I am longing for a chic one-piece but I have a 30ff bra size and find that if M&S swimwear fits me everywhere else it is too small in the bust and I am overflowing at the top. If I size up to accommodate the bosom, the rest of the swimsuit is bagging around my bum. Not a good look. I'd love to know which brand swimsuits you bought from the lingerie store last summer, as perhaps they might be a better fit on me?

    Just seen your instagram pic and it made me smile as (completely coincidentally) my 2 sales purchases this year have been the Chinti & Parker top in grey stripes/purple heart from NAP and a pair of Monica Vinader earrings. We are perfectly in tune!

    1. Mine are Profile by Gottex. Simply beach have good swimsuits for larger busts. Also J Crew ruched femme tank looks good and they do a D+ style ( not sure If any good) I have heard good reviews and I am going to treat myself to one next summer. X

  5. You look so stunning! Would not want you next to me on the sun loungers!
    Abbi x

    1. Oh Abbi I am breathing it for dear life - plus I am hiding the problem areas well!! X

  6. I think the one-piece is so much more elegant that a look amazing in yours!! Really love pic no. 4 which I am definitely tempted to try!! xx

  7. I do have both bikinis and swimsuits though I must say that I do feel much more confident in a one piece nowadays. I have a couple of great ones from Boden which were also quite pricy but such good quality. Lynne x


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