Friday, 15 May 2015

FM40 Style - New In At Topshop

I have to share these amazing things I spotted on Topshop the other night; designer like shoes, pretty lace tops that won't break the bank balance and also the back in stock bloggers favourite, the black dungarees. 
 I have been a total chicken with this trend this season. However, I love them on other people styled very Parisian, with a Breton, ballet pumps and the brooch of dreams (pre-loved ones available HERE)
Also available in white, HERE
 Too cute!
Some gorgeous things don't you think?
Happy Weekend.


  1. Some lovely picks Annmarie, I'm like you & avoid the dungarees trend.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. I love these lace up flats. So pretty. Lorraine x

  3. Some great picks here Annemarie. I'm loving Topshop this season! My latest purchase from them was the cold shoulder dress in black that Alex Stedman wore recently. It's gorgeous and I can't wait for my holidays to wear it. I have been brave and bought a pair of black dungarees which I wore last weekend - I love them but the men in my house (4 in total) weren't so sure and my 11 year old asked if I was pregnant!! They have no idea when it comes to style! Have a great weekend and keep your fab posts coming. If you get chance check my blog out at - I'm new to this and would welcome any constructive comments/advice which you may have.

    1. What do men know, most of them are not getting the dungarees and lace up shoes trends this season. I have just checked out your blog and it is really good, I like your concept and the fuss free design of your blog, it is best it keep things looking simple and clean. The best advice I was given was to move My "about you" including a small picture of yourself to the top of your sidebar so readers can see you and connect. Good luck, I really enjoy working on my blog. X

  4. Fab picks Annmarie....very taken with the cute cat clutch especially! xx

  5. Gorgeous selection Annmarie! I just adore the ghillie flats - best of the High Street x

    1. Thanks, I agree they are the best high street lace up shoes I have seen so far. X

  6. Gorgeous picks! I love dungarees on everyone else too but I don't think I'm tall enough to carry them off! The embellished tee is lovely! Andrea x

  7. Love all your picks Annmarie. I really wanted those Topshop heels but they have sold out in my size in the black, just hoping they come back in? There seems to be a bit of a split on the whole dungaree thing at the moment, I love them, but will admit they are not for everyone. Where men are concerned most think back to Felicity Kendall in the 'Good Life' or Charlene on 'Neighbour's... Which was cute, but not quite the look for those a bit older!
    I think the way you have styled them is perfect, so they are understated and subtly sexy!
    Just one prob with them though.....When you need the loo in a hurry??!! Helen xx


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