Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Last week mostly consisted of the horrible task of holiday washing and ironing, tackling our over grown garden and trying to get back to normal ...... well sort of, as best you can with two little ones getting every toy out because they have 'missed them'. Surviving all this with some fabulous holiday memories of France. 

My weekly happiness came from a few things, including a little duty free perfume,  Chanel No5.  Way back I purchased this perfume with my first ever pay packet, I felt such a grown-up going to the Chanel counter and asking for Chanel No5, why Chanel No5? Well it's just iconic isn't it,  I always felt it was an expensive smelling perfume, but was a tad heavy and slightly too old for me at the time. So, 23 years on I thought I would try it again, but its new and more delicate sister  Chanel No5 Eau Premiere

I treated myself to some fresh flowers whilst doing the supermarket shop, white lilacs (or stocks, their proper name I think), along with peonies these have to be my favourites flowers and they have filled my kitchen with a beautiful fragrance all week. 

As well as the Chicwish white dress waiting for me on our return home, there was a lovely gift from the White Company, their new fig collection candleI can't tell you how nice this fragrance is, yet another divine candle from The White Company

Finally, the best thing about this week was picking our new family member up, on Sunday we drove to Harrogate to collect our new dog, a gorgeous black Drakeshead Labrador. 

Meet Seb ....... 

I now have a whole new wardrobe category to explore for dog walking! Ha! I am serious, something has been purchased already, details on the blog this week. 



  1. Ah, some lovely things here Annmarie. And what a lovely picture - I feel all calm and serene looking at that. The Fig candle is lovely - I have taken a sniff of that - something to be enjoyed in the evening when the kiddies are tucked up in bed.

    And Seb .... lock him up before I come and steal him!

    1. Nice things make a nice picture don't they. Seb, I have really taken to him and I was the one who needed my arm twisting to get a dog. x

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  4. Bienvenue à Seeb !!!! Bravo pour le flacon de Chanel n°5, mon préféré. À bientôt. Even


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