Thursday, 27 August 2015


It is the end of spring/summer and the time has come where I confess to what I purchased throughout the season. Admittedly, I have been lucky recently and I have been gifted a few items to review, including the Hush  jacket and Converse that I am wearing above. This is a touchy subject in the blogging world, sponsored posts and product reviews and it has caused many online debates and arguments. I choose to play by the rules and declare everything that is gifted.  I don't say yes to everything I am offered, I have turned down many products and brands that I don't really love or I feel they are not a good fit for my blog. Amanda from The Online Stylist has written an amazing and funny post on the five unwritten rules of blogging, including gifting and blogging integrity, that any newbie blogger should follow, I certainly try to follow her wise advice. 

Anyway, back to my purchase list. I feel I have had quite a successful season with the items I have purchased, my Isabel Marant collection is building up nicely and there isn't anything really that I have purchased and now regret and itching to throw on the eBay pile..... well not yet. I have tried my best to stick to my S/S Wish List and My New Year Resolutions,  to only buy things I truly love and to buy less, investing in designers I love.

So, lets confess. 

February - 5 Items 

Topshop Jamie Ripped Jeans
Zara Ripped Jeans (as seen above)
American Vintage T-Shirt
Isabel Marant Etoile Glenn jacket
Pre-Loved (secondhand) Isabel Marant Etoile Leather Jacket (with eBay funds)

Boden Gold Polly Points - Returned

March - 1 Item

Navy Supergra

Next Navy folk Top - Returned
Boden navy Lille Flats - Returned

April - 6 Items 

Russell & Bromley Leopard Flats
Zara White Top (as seen above)
Zara Lace Midi Dress
Warehouse Ivory Lace Top
Topshop White Embroidered Top
Isabel Marant Etoile Bloom Tunic

May - 2 Items

Isabel Marant Etoile Cassy Dress
Ancient Greek Sandals

June - 5 Items 

J Crew Navy Swimsuit
J Crew Blue Striped Shirt
Rae Feather Monogrammed Basket
Chic Wish White Dress
Isabel Marant Dicker Boots - Sale

Did you read the last item? When the sales hit, I was trying to be sale savvy and look for items that I wanted for A/W and on Farfetch I found a pair of Dickers in my size in the sale ........ I did a little whale of glee, then a little fist pump and when they arrived and I tried them on, I did a little wiggle in the mirror...... 

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you ..... Because I'm happy..... Because I'm very happy. 

July and August I haven't purchased anything (apart form my Nike Trainers which hubby purchased, I am therefore not counting them) I would rather save for A/W, which normally involves big ticket items such as coats and boots. However, the boots I can tick off my A/W wish list, well done me!  

How did you get on this spring/summer, did you purchase lots or were you sensible?


P.S My wish list for A/W will be on the blog next week, I think I know what I want and need. 


  1. You have had some lovely things this season and chosen well. And I've just realised that I sound like some old ancient Si Fu. Oh well. But honestly, you've really thought through what works for you and your style and have stuck to it.

    On the tricky subject of gifted items, sponsored items - it's an area that I've not really gone in to much because I've never been approached by a party whose item fits with my style. It's not that the items are bad, more often it's not to my taste so I've not been able to think of anything positive to say about them and I don't want idle redundant goods for the sake of a blog post. It takes me all my time to get round to writing one anyway. So I'm not adverse - it just has to be right. And I don't mind if something is gifted ... you can tell normally if it fits with that blogger's style and everything because the content sounds so much more convincing.

    1. Thank Sue, for the comments about my purchases, I am trying to be better, but I am still easily influenced by blogs and Instagram that can sometimes take me off track sometimes. It is a tricky subject, I am just going to say now would I really buy this with my hard earned money and if I wouldn't then they get a polite decline email. x

  2. I love this kind of post Annmarie! I really admire how you have a plan and stick to it.....I wish I was more like it, I am so much more random though hopefully now I've done a huge wardrobe cull I aim to buy better! I look forward to seeing on your Winter wish list....I am always on the look out for inspiration!!

    I have turned down opportunities to work with brands, as like Sue unless it fits my style I won't go there. To be honest because I'm trying to change my shopping habits I wouldn't review anything unless I have parted with my own money for it now because I feel I need to have believed in it enough to buy it. Hopefully this will stop me making so many mistakes and help me to fill my wardrobe with things I love. Thank goodness for eBay and pre-loved sites where at least we can try and recoup some funds and pick up some excellent bargains too! xx

    1. You have a great outlook with regards to gifting and working with brands, I am with you I would never want my readers to think "oh come on Annmarie, you would never buy that. "
      Your new plan for your wardrobe is brilliant Michelle and I am sure your wardrobe will be full of beautiful things and no mistakes. My A/W wish list should be on the blog next week and you are the inspiration for 1 item I want Michelle! x

  3. I really enjoyed reading this Annmarie - your seasonal buys and your seasonal wish lists are always my favourite posts. Like Michelle, I really admire how you make a plan and stick to it and you have definitely inspired me to be a more careful, analytical and considered shopper.

    I think I've done pretty well this season. I have probably bought about the same amount of clothes as you, but my list of purchases (yes, I write everything down!) looks a little longer just because it's just for my own purposes so I include all the boring basics like underwear, 2 x new nighties and a new North Face anorak for cycling etc. So I've been pretty good but I have to confess that one item is on ebay as we speak (!) and I bought a pair of shoes that I haven't worn once hoping they might see more wear now Autumn is here.

    I need a few big ticket items this winter - ankle boots and a new coat (that will be like the search for the holy grail!) so have already started the ebaying with lots more to add once we are in September and sales pick up a bit. I am already looking forward to seeing your wish list next week! Annabel xx

    1. Thank you Annabel, the list is done and yes a few big ticket items are on there, I raided the depths my wardrobe for things to pop on eBay last night to help me along the way, to be honest after my big clear out there is nothing really left to sell. Thankfully my birthday and Christmas is in this coming season. x


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