Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I was recently sent a beautiful cashmere jumper by a relatively new cashmere company Cosy Cashmere. This gifted jumper arrived just in time for the beginning of autumn and being my favourite  colour of grey and the added luxury of cashmere, I was beyond delighted.

Jumper *, here | Jeans, Zara similar here | Boots, Isabel Marant here | Bag, Chanel

The jumper has a really nice peplum detail, handy for hiding the muffin top and also has a nice cable detail.

I think cashmere is just a little luxury you should indulge in each winter, there is nothing nicer than the feel of cashmere next to your skin or wrapping a cashmere scarf around your neck. If you look after your cashmere, cost per wear, I am sure it will work out the same than buying a couple of new jumpers each year (I knew my maths A-level would be useful for something .......... justifying expensive purchases).

Cosy Cashmere are dedicated in providing customers with classical and modern items which are loved year after year. Crucial to this is the selection of only the finest cashmere fibres they can buy. Each piece of cashmere is derived from the famous grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Only in this part of the world can cashmere with those exquisite qualities of fibre length and fineness be purchased which provides the basis for the garments we know you love

They have a gorgeous selection of classic pieces, polo necks, vests and my favourite style the V-necks. Cashmere is an investment that I would totally recommend, if you can't afford a jumper, why not treat yourself to a beautiful soft bobble hat or scarf

If you would like to indulge Cosy Cashmere have a great introduction offer of 15% off your first order, by using the code LAUNCH1.

Happy Shopping.


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Cosy Cashmere.


  1. Wow, that's gorgeous! Even nicer as it was gifted! Will be adding this to my birthday/christmas list!!! Did I really just mention the 'C' word!!!

    1. I think you did... ha. Yes, it was a really nice gifted item, that I know I will be wearing lots this winter. x

  2. I love this cut of jumper, it's so unique! Their website has a few pieces I'd really like so will definitely be browsing for my birthday next month ;-)

    1. That is what I really love the peplum. They have some great pieces don't they. x

  3. Ooh the name says it all. Great choice! x

  4. I love it with the leather jacket. Great colour and a different shape. All good. H x

  5. It looks nicer on you than it does on the model on their website! x

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